Boost Your Client Results From
“Good” to Extraordinary

A Quantum Training for Healers, Physicians
or Coaches

with Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.

Quantum Catalyst, Energy Medicine Expert International Instructor

Author of Four Books Including #1 Bestseller Awakening the Avatar Within.

*CEUs Offered.

Free Introductory Webinar Offered

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Scroll down for details

Gain the secrets of creating consistent, high-level results by using Quantum Catalyst Healing tools to deeply heal yourself and your clients. Fulfill your higher purpose, be a leader and grow your impact in the world.

7 Ways to Tell if the Mastercourse is Right For You Now:

  • You would love to gain the knowledge of how to create positive results for clients with challenging or complex issues
  • You want to positively help people who feel “stuck” and have already tried lots of other healers, doctors and coaches without satisfying results.
  • You are sick of uncertainty and struggle, and welcome clear, experienced guidance for creating a successful healer business.
  • You are ready to open up your intuition and Higher Sense Perception to greater clarity and accuracy.
  • The work you’ve been doing no longer satisfies you and you want to get inspired and go deeper.
  • You’ve been going through shifts in your mind and body which may have seemed uncomfortable, destabilizing or blissful. You feel the call to awaken your heart and consciousness
  • It would be heavenly for you to be part of a community of advanced practitioners who are supporting each other’s healing and business success.

"It feels so good - being able to step into this new ability with Quantum Healing. It was so fulfilling, and magical honestly, and made me want to do more and see more people. It's kind of crazy - I used to be kind of scared to have complex patient cases coming in, not being sure where to start. But now I'm welcoming these kinds of patient challenges so I can test out my new abilities. It's a really nice shift."

--Sarah Li

Watch This 1.5 Minute Video to Discover  The Quantum Secret to Consistently Producing Extraordinary Client Results:

"I truly appreciated Darren’s ability to teach energetic and 5th dimensional content in a tangible way that is duplicatable, informative, and can be used in a clinical setting. His clear knowledge and experience in Quantum healing shines through in his teaching and passion for the work."

--Roeshan Shadravan, PhD

Free Introductory Webinar

You know you have a brilliant divine spark within you, but may find yourself struggling between two poles of experience - the divine, Quantum level and the boxed-in feeling of the conditioned mind and 3D world - “muggle” vs magical.

In this experiential live event Quantum Catalyst Darren Starwynn will present a fresh new roadmap to guide holistic practitioners and healers in healing and manifesting on the master healer level. You will discover the keys to being sustained by Universal Energy and upgrading your body and identity. 

This webinar is offered on two dates for convenience. 

By participating you will have the opportunity to experience Quantum energy activations and attunements during the webinar. These lighten up old conditioning and help awaken your higher abilities. You will come away with Quantum tools to infuse yourself with the radiance of your true, Avatar self.

You'll Discover

  • How to act as a catalyst for miraculous shifts in others
  • 9 Quantum keys of healing mastery Part Two
  • How to “re-wire” your body and nervous system to being powered by Universal Energy
  • How to identify and attract your ideal client tribe through soul connection and vibrational resonance
  • The Quantum way to co-create with the Divine
  • The alchemy of moving from struggle into enjoying the “wind at your back”
  • The direct experience of Quantum Activations
  • Details on upcoming Quantum Healing Mastercourse starting February 2, 2023

It does not matter if you missed the Part One webinar, as most of the key points from that one will be repeated in the Part Two webinar.

In addition, you will receive a complimentary recording of the Part One webinar with your preregistration for Part Two.

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“My personal growth was exponential! I’ll be transforming my work. I’m really excited about using Quantum Healing, and this is the mastery I have been looking for. ”

--Caryn Carroll, Acupuncturist

About Darren Starwynn

Darren Starwynn, O.M.D. is the author of 4 groundbreaking books and inventor of energy medical devices used internationally. Darren’s mission is to empower holistic health professionals, Lightworkers & healers to claim their higher healing abilities and elevate their business success.

As a Quantum Catalyst, his mission is to help support the worldwide Lightworker movement that is transforming the human race and our Earth. He does that by providing Ascension practices, Quantum Catalyst Healing trainings, awake business coaching and spiritual activations.

“I feel like my meditation has gone to a higher, more profound level and am hitting new stages of continued enlightenment.”

-- Chris Frederick., Co-owner and master trainer, Stretch to Win Institute

“My work has become more effective… The practices I’ve taken from this course have done more to change my world than anything else I could have done.”

--Eileen Durham, Acupuncturist