A live, four month program for healthcare practitioners and healers, including intensive 3 day virtual retreat - 21 CEUs offered.

Starts February 2, 2023

Discover and embody the Quantum Catalyst Healing tools for deeply healing yourself and your clients so you can fulfill your higher purpose and grow your impact in the world.

I know that you’re already dedicated to offering your clients the most effective services. You probably also sense a higher healing energy that moves through you at times. 

You’d love to experience that more consistently and become a highly attuned guide to people on their healing journey.

But there’s a major challenge that may be getting in your way of fulfilling that inspiring vision. I’ve heard about this from many other practitioners, and I’ve experienced it several times throughout my own life. 

This challenge is that you may have come to a plateau in your ability to help many of the people coming to you at the depth they are really needing. You see, there are now rapidly growing numbers of people dealing with new, multi-dimensional issues we weren’t trained to deal with. 

For a surprising number of people, their chronic pain, anxiety, internal diseases or failure to thrive are not primarily physical or even mental. There are other, unseen levels of what they are really dealing with.

Working effectively with such clients requires new skills and levels of conscious awareness on your part. Yet it may be difficult for you to fully access your intuitive gifts that would allow you to grasp the underlying, hidden reasons WHY your clients sometimes continue to feel stuck or suffer. 

It’s also common for practitioners like yourself to feel inhibited or distracted from your higher consciousness abilities, including that of Higher Sense Perception. This could be due to your own residues of emotional wounding and trauma, sometimes manifesting as chronic physical or emotional issues. These patterns can be elusive to heal, even after years of work on yourself.

These limiting patterns also often interfere with the earning ability of holistic practitioners and coaches. These heavy energies of trauma can block their natural magnetism and sense of abundance.

Because you’ve been brought up and trained within our society’s rational mind-based systems it’s probably been hard for you to consistently tap into your full potential as a Master Healer. In fact, this is one of the greatest “pains” conscious doctors and healers experience -  seeing lots of time going by without fulfilling their greater potential, and making a bigger impact on the world.

Fortunately there is a way you can step into the fulfillment of your higher healing and intuitive abilities without taking on another long, time-consuming course of study, or trying to change yourself into someone you’re not.

That is the Quantum Way.

Quantum Catalyst Healing is the art of supporting profound transformations in clients without focusing on changing them or their symptoms. Becoming a Quantum Catalyst Healer is much more about attuning your body and mind to the miraculous Quantum Field than it is about learning a new set of techniques. Once you go through this shift you’ll be able to elevate your results with whatever work you’re doing - and find new joy and purpose in your everyday life.

This is why I created the Quantum Healing mastercourse - to support you in going through this remarkable transformative process as simply as possible, while discovering powerful healing principles and systems that will revolutionize your results.

The Quantum abilities you will gain in this course will integrate beautifully with the work you are already doing. It will amplify and deepen your clinical results and evaluation skills.

By the end of this course, you will experience:

The Field: Your ability to directly experience and tap into the Quantum Field and 5th dimensional energies

Direct Knowing: Easier access to your higher intuitive gifts - one of the greatest assets in healing and holistic medical work

Quantum Healing Tools: Increase your clinical confidence by implementing remarkably effective Quantum Catalyst healing tools and methods (and for healing yourself)

Quantum Chakra Mastery: Confidence in augmenting client results, including trauma release, through evaluation and balancing of the energy chakra system

Your Transmission: Greater attunement to the spiritual energy transmission that expresses through you and creates all the positive results in your life

Wu Wei: Activation of your innate Master Healer abilities that will boost your clinical results with less reliance on techniques and “doing”

Conscious Leadership:  Update your identity and awareness of your higher purpose, and the unique way you help lead others.

Upgrade Your Business: Leverage your new level to accept earning what you’re worth!

My Personal Story & Invitation

I grew up burdened with painful, unexplainable feelings of alienation and deep trauma. It felt like there were invisible energy blockages preventing me from thriving no matter how hard I tried, and this was frustrating and humiliating.

These experiences put me on a deep search for answers starting in my youth, when I went on a pilgrimage to India to study meditation with a spiritual master. I gradually learned to find a degree of inner peace through these practices, although this did not fully resolve the inner core of emotional pain I carried.

I entered the practice of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and went on to invent the Acutron, an energy medical device that has since been sold all over the world. Even so, I continued to feel like there was a bigger picture of what I was here to embody and do. I studied with many advanced healers seeking the key to that. 

Over the last 8 years I have gone through a huge shift and awakening. I have come to depend less on my equipment and techniques and more on the limitless Quantum Field from which all real healing and positive results arise. 

As I have developed the system of Quantum Catalyst Healing and integrated it with my previous skills, my clients are more consistently reporting miraculous shifts - with less time and effort on my part. I feel lighter, freer and in greater mastery of my personal energy.

I’m becoming more adept at dancing with my shadow self - loving and accepting my pained, alienated parts rather than pushing them away. I’ve learned there’s richness and power within these parts of me I used to spend so much time hiding and avoiding.

I now regularly experience the joy of hearing from personal clients whose lives are significantly changing after just a few sessions with me. Hundreds of health professionals and healers who have attended my programs have told me that they have gained immeasurably in terms of their clinical confidence, personal transformation and earning power.

In this 14 week Quantum Healing Master Course I would love to share a practical roadmap with you for uplifting whatever you are doing through the limitless Quantum Field, and serving as a highly effective Master Healer if that is your path. Then you won’t have to go through all that I did to step into the joy of fulfilling your true purpose. The planetary energies of our time now support this level of rapid transformation.

Join people from all over the planet to explore this powerful Quantum reality.

My personal growth was exponential! I’ll be
transforming my work. I’m really excited about using Quantum Healing, and this is the mastery I have been looking for.”

Caryn Carroll

Acupuncturist, Ventura, California

I truly appreciated Darren’s ability to teach energetic and 5th dimensional content in a tangible way that is duplicable, informative and can be used in a clinical setting.”

Roeshan Shadravan, PhD.

Encinitas, CA

"Darren taught me how to access my energy fields. It has opened up a whole realm of miracles for me"

Here’s What You’ll Discover and Embody in the Mastercourse

Module 1 - Your Ascension Track: Getting Motivated to Transform Your Consciousness

Ascension of consciousness is rapidly increasing on Earth now, even in the midst of what may seem like breakdown and chaos. In this first module, you will discover simple, powerful practices for aligning yourself with inner calm and pure love, and be supported in tapping into your power of choice and self-responsibility - the spiritual warrior self.

In this module, you'll discover:

  • How to tap into the power of your desire to ascend your consciousness and open your Quantum Healing abilities
  • The Quantum Field & Fifth Dimension (5D) – directly experiencing the ultimate power vortex always available to you
  • Practices offered: Foundational Practice set, Universal Energy attunement and Central Axis Breathing

Module 2 - Quantum Catalyst Healing I: Transforming Your Work to the Quantum Level

Becoming a Quantum Catalyst Healer is only partially about learning new skills. It is much more about remembering and activating deep wisdom and abilities you already have within you, and upgrading your body to be able to hold these high frequency energies. You will receive what you need to progress to your next level of embodying Master Healer, whether this is totally new to you or you have already been practicing related methods.

In this module, you'll discover:

  • Seeing your clients as already whole – the secret of healing on the Quantum level
  • A one minute ritual to clear the space for your healing sessions and elevate your work to the Quantum level. You can use this for any medical, holistic or business work
  • How to connect and work with your healing Team and your future self
  • The art of supporting clients through emotional upset or energy release
  • Practice offered:  Embodied Radiance, building the energy circuits of your body

Module 3 - Receive Clear Guidance: Awakening Your Dowsing and Energy Reading Abilities

Everything you need to know personally, professionally and spiritually is always available to you. Dowsing is a highly accurate way to receive needed guidance of any kind. Knowing dowsing techniques are of great value in healing or medical work, and will clarify any form of decision making.

In this module, you'll discover:

  • Activating your Body Pendulum - no tools required
  • Using a pendulum for Yes/No answers, clinical decision-making and energy testing
  • "Getting the client information download" - Quantum Chakra evaluation

Module 4 - Going Deep On Chakras: Gaining Rapid, In-Depth Evaluation Skills

This module will teach you a quick, effective system for evaluation and balancing of mind-body-spirit imbalances through the energy chakras of the body. This system has been developed and refined by Darren over a 30-year period. Evaluating and balancing chakras is a vital aspect of Quantum Catalyst Healing, and can be done in person or through remote healing sessions.

In this module, you'll discover:

  • How to deeply understand people and the root causes of their symptoms within a few minutes through chakra evaluation methods
  • How to assess and balance chakras remotely for remarkable results
  • 3 chakra balancing methods- guided practice session

Module 5 - Healing the "Gap" and Trauma: Reclaiming the Power Within Your Shadow Self

What you fear the most, and the frustrating inner energy blocks that often seem to thwart you, are the areas of your greatest power.  You  must unmask and claim the power within your feeling body and shadow self in order to fulfill your mission and purpose. Although these inner parts are usually very well defended and elusive there are wonderfully effective group processes we will practice to connect with and integrate these vital truths of your being.  You will be introduced to a powerful method for clearing trauma. We will go more in depth on trauma clearing during the Retreat.

In this module, you'll discover:

  • Inner emotional alchemy - locating and unmasking inner energy blockages
  • Bilateral Trauma Clearing Method Part One
  • How to bring conscious Presence to the core of trauma so it can unwind and transform

Module 6 - Multi-Dimensional Clearing - Becoming a Spiritual Detective

Multi-Dimensional Clearing is a gateway to discovering the deepest root causes of your client's suffering. Using your Body Pendulum you'll gain confidence in grasping these answers within a few minutes. This method opens a whole new world of your ability to be a Quantum Catalyst who can help people to free themselves up on the deepest level.

In this module, you'll discover:

  • The 8 forms of negative conditioning, and how to identify them
  • Synthesizing awareness of these burdens with Quantum Chakra findings
  • Expanding your Higher Sense Perception to trustingly receive needed insights.

Module 7 - Everything is Energy: Empowering Yourself Through Universal Laws

In this Module we'll go deeper into inner alchemy of working with Universal Energy to be magnetized into "timelines" of life you wish to embrace and experience.  In order to move from "muggle" to "magical" in your everyday life it is necessary to consciously align yourself with Universal Energy and Law. This module provides vital insights and attunements for you to make this vital transformation.

In this module, you'll discover:

  • How to break the taboo against knowing who you REALLY are, claiming your power to create or change your reality
  • The 7 Universal Laws of Energy – understanding and practical examples
  • Rapidly clearing negative states and uplifting your energy and love vibration through use of dowsing boards
  • Co-Creating with the Divine - the science of manifestation and healing miracles

Module 8 - Awaken the Avatar Within: Tapping into Your Avatar Energy Transmission

You are an Avatar – Divine source manifesting as and through a human being for a high purpose. This module is dedicated to your conscious awakening to this truth. Your Avatar transmission is the stream of cosmic vibrational energy that is your truest essence and flows through you. In this Module you'll be supported in "spreading your wings" and showing your transmission to other participants. You'll also awaken Higher Sense Perception ability to See and read others.  Wonderful stuff!

In this module, you'll discover:

  • The deep magic of connecting with your future Avatar self who has already healed and solved the issues challengng you now
  • How to recognize and attune your awareness to your Avatar transmission
  • Practical applications of your transmission to real life applications including healing, teaching, business and leadership

Module 9 - Light Body Activation: Upgrading and Strengthening Your Body for Vibrant Health

This module focuses on methods for upgrading your body so it can maintain higher states of consciousness and healing energies without getting sick or drained. This teaching is based on the core message and methods of Darren’s book Awakening the Avatar Within – A Roadmap for Uncovering Your Superpowers, Upgrading Your Body and Uplifting the Human Race.

In this module, you'll discover:

  • Daily rejuvenation practices to strengthen subtle energy bodies and reconnect energy gaps
  • Merkaba Light Body practice to increase embodiment of your true, Avatar self
  • Identifying and sealing places you’re losing or leaking vital energy

Module 10 - Higher Sense Perception: Amplifying and Expanding Your Intuition

Intuition, clairvoyance and direct knowing are already within you. What is needed to reclaim your higher sense perception is removing denial and mistrust in your innate intuitive gifts. That’s what we will be practicing in this awakening and fun module.

In this module, you'll discover:

  • The power to overcome the cellular level fear preventing you from tapping into your higher sense perception
  • How to trust your feeling body for making decisions and leading effective healing sessions
  • Accelerated Quantum tools for rapidly stepping into your intuitive abilities – practice sessions in breakout rooms

Module 11 - How to Conduct Effective Remote Healing Sessions

Quantum Healing works equally well in person or remotely via phone, Skype or Zoom. You will benefit from Darren's long experience with remote sessions, and practice giving and receiving. This opens up a whole world of connection and opportunity for you.

In this module, you'll discover:

  • How and why remote sessions work - and how to gain confidence and attunement in offering them
  • Logistics and structuring of remote healing sessions
  • Quantum Activations to open up your remote healing abilities

Module 12 - Quantum Catalyst Healing II: Growing Your Capacities in the Lightworker Retreat

This long weekend online Zoom retreat provides you a total immersion experience in the teachings and practices of this course. Throughout human history this kind of immersion experience has been shown to be essential for awakening and integrating higher states of consciousness. 

Darren’s students have reported experiencing the most profound and rapid openings to their Master Healer capabilities and higher intuitive abilities, as well as personal healing breakthroughs during these retreat experiences.

In this module, you'll discover:

  • Hands-on, one-to-one Quantum Healing practice sessions in Zoom breakout rooms
  • Processes for compassionately healing unresolved aspects of your shadow self
  • Clarity on your higher purpose as a Lightworker, and receiving support in identifying and claiming your superpowers
  • How to facilitate miraculous transformations in yourself and your clients
  • Deepening of your meditation abilities

See below on this page for further retreat details

Module 13 - Retreat Follow-Up: Integrating and Practicing What We Experienced

This module is for vital post-retreat support and integration. It is common for energy openings and transformative experiences to continue long after the retreat ends.

In this module, you'll discover:

  • Answers to any questions about the retreat teachings or healing methods
  • Loving, Quantum Catalyst Healing support for any unresolved issues or experiences
  • Focus on Realizing - practical expressions of your new state in your life and work

Module 14 - Realizing: Expressing as an Avatar in Your Work, Leadership & Higher Purpose

If you’ve fully participated in this program by this time, you’ll be experiencing exciting transformations in vital aspects of your life and work and relationships. In this final module we will share our perspectives and concerns, and each participant will create a roadmap for the way forward.

In this module, you'll discover:

  • Integrating Quantum Catalyst Healing and coaching into your career
  • Living in integrity - safety  - trust - embodied radiance
  • Resources for further personal development
  • Support for ongoing Lightworker collaborations, community connections and buddies

More Comments from Past Attendees

I fully encourage you to tap into the multi-faceted resources Darren has to offer

Dan Craig Morse

Marriage and Family Counselor

What I received was a total clearing of old traumatic experiences within one or two sessions. I’m not exaggerating. It was astonishing. I just didn’t have a charge around that trauma anymore - it was completely gone

Shannon Morse, Coach and Nutritionist

I was so impressed and inspired by the high level of everyone there. You have really gathered an impressive group of students.  The information was clear and powerfully delivered with plenty of time to practice.

Conde Freeman, Acupuncturist

It’s More Than a Course, It’s a Community!

One of the best parts of the Quantum Healing mastercourse is the community of great people you will connect with. Through the breakout room feature of Zoom you’ll be practicing the healing methods you are learning one-to-one, or in small groups. The practitioners attracted to these programs are dedicated, skilled and genuine people you will enjoy working with. Many long-lasting friendships and collaborations have started during my past programs and retreats.

There will be opportunities offered for ongoing individual or group learning and collaboration after this 14-week mastercourse is over.

Here's What You'll Receive

  • 14 weekly LIVE course teaching and practice sessions: Each session is 90 minutes long and takes place via Zoom conference. These sessions contain a lively mixture of powerful skill-building teachings, guided practices that support personal transformation and awakening and one to one practice sessions through Zoom breakout rooms. A more intangible benefit of these sessions are the Quantum energy "activations" of your Master Healer abilities and conscious awakening you will benefit from.
  • 14 weekly LIVE interactive meditation and group Quantum Healing sessions: In addition to the weekly learning sessions there is an additional weekly live group meditation offered, also on Zoom. Participation in these optional sessions will greatly accelerate your process of awakening your consciousness and integrating your awakening abilities. And, they feel so good!
  • 7 optional bi-weekly Q & A sessions: Plenty of time for questions and answers as well as personal shares is provided through these bonus sessions. These take place once every other week throughout the Quantum Healing program.
  • 14 short supportive videos and audios (one for each session): You will receive one bonus video per week in your email inbox that is highly supportive of what you are learning and gaining. These videos can also be accessed through your Member page at any time.
  • Practices & Reflection Questions for each weekly session: Working with these supplements, which will be emailed to you on the date of each live teaching session, will deepen your realization and integration of the teachings.
  • Access to the custom-designed, private course website: This program is designed to be convenient for busy people on different schedules. You can access session recordings and course resources 24-7 through your Member page on the program website.
  • Audio and Video recordings of all sessions: Posted on your Member page after each live session.
  • Downloadable PDF notes for all teaching sessions: A handy outline of each teaching session is provided to you for online or off-line assimilation and reference.
  • Special package of bonuses to add to your course experience (see below)

CEUs Offered: 21 CEUs are offered to licensed Acupuncturists through NCCAOM and California Acupuncture Board for completion of this course.

Course Bonuses

Early Registration Bonus #1 (it expires by January 15, 2023)
45 Minute Private Quantum Healing & Mini-Reading With Darren Starwynn (value $225)

Receive a personalized Quantum Catalyst Healing with Assemblage Point adjustment, chakra balancing and multi-dimensional clearing, as needed. Darren has mastered these arts and can facilitate profound shifts in short amounts of time. Your session will be scheduled either before or during the 14 week Quantum Healing course.

Darren is also available to speak to you about the course prior to you registering for it (see below). Those meet and greet calls will be to discuss the course, and do not include a Quantum Healing session

“I was feeling blocked, depressed and immobilized in my life. I could not make any progress in a big project I was working on. Within a matter of 15 minutes of working with Darren, my heart and crown chakra opened up and I felt a flood of expansive, invigorating, and clear energy all around me, infusing my being. I have worked with other energy healers before but I have to say that the results of Darren’s work with me far, far exceeded anything I have ever experienced . - Russell Scott Kitchener, Ontario Canada - author of Awaken The Guru In You.

Early Registration Bonus #2 (it expires by January 15, 2023)
Video Workshop - The Quantum Way to the Fulfilling Love Relationship You’ve Always Wanted With Lina Shanklin, Love and Relationship Transformational Master Coach and Darren Starwynn (value $125)

If you would love to be in an intimate love relationship with a partner who vibrates with you on the higher levels you have been embodying, you will learn ways to manifest that through the Quantum Field in this workshop. The same applies if you would like to renew and improve the relationship you are already in.

In this bonus class you’ll discover:

  • How your desires are the actual catalyst and fuel of creation, and how to tap into your soul-level desires in relationship
  • Soul communication with your soul-mate, even if you have not yet met this person
  • Unleashing “High Magic” by playing in the field of connection and magnetism, opening up a powerful channel between you and your Beloved Soul Partner that will be magnetically compelling to each other.

Bonus #3
Video Workshop - Connecting with Your Tribe / Creating Your Successful, Legal Healer Business (value $195)

This optional module is for practitioners and healers desiring to make a successful career out of Quantum Catalyst Healing or related systems. Darren has had well over 30 years experience running healing practices and coaching practitioners in holistic business development, and will share his effective methods and tips. 

This bonus class includes:

  • Guided process to identify and connect with the "tribe" of people who already resonate with you and can benefit the most from your unique services
  • The Quantum way to promote your business through Soul Marketing
  • A system for integrating Quantum Healing with other professional services within your schedule
  • A proven way to practice healing legally without a statutory healthcare license

Bonus #4
Video Workshop - Vibrational Medicine – Working with Microlight Therapy (value $125)

Darren has been a pioneer in the development of clinical vibrational therapy equipment, and uses Microlight therapy for rapidly and effectively relieving chronic pain, neuropathy and internal imbalances, facial rejuvenation and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Here is some of what you’ll receive in this workshop:

  • An overview of the Deep Release method for effective relief of chronic pain and neuropathy
  • The art of Frequency-Specific Microcurrent (FSM) – running automated sequences of therapeutic frequencies for a wide range of conditions
  • How to integrate Quantum Catalyst Healing with Microlight therapy for true multi-dimensional practice

Bonus #5
A FREE Copy of Darren’s Book Awakening the Avatar Within (value $20)

Reading this book and doing the practices taught in it will accelerate your awakening process, and is an ideal companion to the Quantum Healing Mastercourse. The book will be sent to you in either paperback, audiobook or e-book format (you decide) right after you pre-register for the course, so you’ll have time to start your awakening and activation process.

Bonus #6
Awaken the Avatar Within Audio and Video Online Mini-Course (value $97)

This course was created as a companion to the Awakening the Avatar Within book to make the profound Ascension practices offered more accessible. This transformative, convenient online course includes:

  • Brief key excerpts from the book spoken by the author (3 - 5 minutes each)
  • 3 videos and 7 audio guided meditation recordings set to music
  • Notifications of webinars, bonus videos and connection opportunities

Total Value of Bonuses: $787



Bring Out Your Master Healer Abilities, Activate Your Superpowers and Elevate Your Effectiveness

With Darren Starwynn, O.M.D

February 2, 2023

Four Convenient Registration Options:

Single payment of $2497

Three payments of $845

First payment upon registration

Second payment March 5, 2023

Third payment April 5, 2023

Two payment with Deposit

First payment $500 upon registration

Second payment $1997 February 10, 2023

Three payments with Deposit

First payment $500 upon registration

Second payment $345 February 10, 2023

Third payment $845 March 5, 2023

Fourth payment $845 April 5, 2023

Just to summarize, the total value of all the elements of the 14-week course and exclusive bonuses is over $8737

  • 14 Weekly Core Modules of the Quantum Healing mastercourse (Value $3000)
  • 14 Weekly Group Meditation & Energy Upgrade sessions (Value $1500)
  • 3 Day Intensive Retreat on Zoom (Value $1500)
  • 7 Bi-Weekly Personal Sharing and Q&A Bonus sessions (Value $750)
  • PDF Notes for Each Teaching Session (Value $750)
  • Weekly Practice and Reflection Questions (Value $500)
  • Access to an online, private online community (Value - Priceless!)
  • Video Workshop:  Creating Your Successful, Legal Healer Business (Value $195)
  • Video Workshop:  Vibrational Medicine – Working with Microlight Therapy (Value $125)
  • A Free Copy of Darren’s New Book Awakening the Avatar Within (Value $20)
  • Awaken the Avatar Within Audio and Video Online Mini-Course (Value $97)
  • Private Quantum Healing session with Darren Starwynn (with registration by January 15, 2023 - Value $175)
  • Video Workshop: The Quantum Way to the Fulfilling Love Relationship You’ve Always Wanted (with registration by January 15, 2023 - Value $125)

Total Value: $8737

Regular Package Pricing: $4995

Because this is the second time this unique course is being offered, today you can step into your Quantum Master Healing Power for a greatly reduced price. Register now for just:

$2497 or 3 payments of $845 (save over 40%)

Mastercourse Guarantee

With our 100% Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee you can experience the course for 14 days risk free. If the course isn’t for you for any reason, the bonuses will be yours to keep and enjoy at your own pace.

14 Days


Interested in the mastercourse, but have questions? 

60 Minute Free Consult Offered with Dr. Darren Starwynn

Are you interested in the mastercourse, but need some personal contact in advance to make sure it’s right for you? Click here to book a complimentary, 60 minute phone or Zoom consultation with Darren to meet him and discuss the course. During this call Darren will offer you a personalized roadmap for fulfilling your intentions and goals.

(Note- this is separate from the private Quantum Healing session offered above. Yet it is likely you will experience some aspects of Quantum healing during the consult.)  

Questions?  Email the instructor at: darren@bridgetomastery.com

Meet Darren Starwynn, O.M.D. , Quantum Catalyst

Darren’s greatest passion is empowering healthcare professionals and healers to awaken their consciousness, empower their skills and fulfill their highest potential.  Darren has had a long career as acupuncturist, inventor, writer, healer and teacher, integrating therapeutic systems from around the world. He has written four groundbreaking books, led hundreds of workshops and seminars, invented vibrational devices used worldwide and helped develop advanced mind-body healing systems.  

Thousands of people have been directly or indirectly touched by Darren's offerings, and he has inspired many colleagues to expand the scope of their work for improved clinical results and income.  His healing systems integrate vibrational technologies with multi-dimensional quantum healing to help people rapidly release old trauma, pain and reclaim their full, joyful self-expression.  His workshops and retreats weave laughter and playfulness into deep transformational whole brain learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get more details on the Virtual LIVE Retreat?

The Awakening Your Quantum Healer course includes a live, 3-day weekend retreat via Zoom.

During this retreat you will not be sitting in front of a screen all day. It is scheduled and paced to keep it lively and engaging. This is accomplished by alternating teaching and meditation times with yoga and qigong practices, working with other participants one on one in Zoom breakout rooms, live demonstrations, regular breaks for meals and exercise and even upbeat dance segments. 

At this retreat you will take the next steps of demonstrating Quantum Catalyst Healing methods with proven effectiveness. In addition to the activities listed under Module 11 above, here are additional Retreat activities:

  • Boost and renew your energy: Re-wiring your subtle energy and nervous systems – practices to re-weave “gaps” in your energy systems that may have been making you feel drained, depressed, sick or in chronic pain.
  • Transformation in 20 minutes: Transform you or your client’s complete experience from negative and disempowered to elevated and clear in a short time with the Quantum Block Clearing method – demonstration and group practice.
  • DNA activation - recognizing your Merkaba Light Body: As has been the case for thousands of years, the immersive retreat environment is highly supportive of Light Body activation for those who are ready for this awakening experience.
  • Chakra reading and balancing workshop: Build on what you discovered in Module 9 of the course through hands-on practice sessions.
  • Make new friendships and conscious connections with other Masters in training

What is Quantum Catalyst Healing?

A profoundly effective healing system based on supporting clients in releasing pain, anxiety, depression or illness through direct experiences of the field of One-ness that is their true self. A catalyst is an agent that creates transformation in other people or systems.

Can Quantum Catalyst Healing be combined with other medical or holistic healing systems?

Yes! Quantum Catalyst Healing is more of a state of being than a new set of time-consuming techniques. As you deepen your ability to hold and radiate this energy transmission it is very likely that you will create more breakthrough results through whatever professional methods you are already doing.

Can Quantum Catalyst Healing be done by itself?

Yes. Quantum Catalyst Healing is also a complete system in itself. You will learn how to lead sessions using the methods you’ll discover through this 14-week masterclass, with or without any other techniques.

Do I have to attend all of the Modules of the course? What if I miss some of them?

While attending all the modules live is encouraged and will provide the best experience, you will be able to make up any classes that you miss. Each class will be recorded in video and audio formats.You will be able to  review these at your convenience on your Member page.

I’m interested in practicing what I learn through this course with paying clients. What kind of license do I need to do that?

If you already have any kind of professional healthcare license you can add Quantum Catalyst Healing to what you are doing without any additional regulatory steps needed. That is because energy healing is not the practice of medicine or any other regulated field. Awakening Your Quantum Healer course includes a live, 3-day weekend retreat via Zoom.

If you do not have any form of professional healthcare license you are also able to offer healing services, as long as you don’t make any medical claims or label what you are doing using terminology from regulated professions. There are also other special strategies you can use to further ensure that you can offer healing safely without interference. These strategies will be covered in detail during Bonus Class 2 Creating Your Successful, Legal Healer Business, which is included in your enrollment in the Quantum Healing masterclass.

What is a zoom breakout room and how does that work?

During most of class time we will be one big group. During some practice times the breakout room feature of Zoom allows us to split into many smaller groups of 2 - 4 people. This is much more efficient for learning and embodiment of the powerful practices and healing methods you will be learning. If you don’t wish to practice in a breakout room however, you can decline to enter it at any time.

Is there any danger in offering these healing sessions? What if someone has a bad reaction?

If you follow the practice and safety guidelines you will learn in this course, and respect you and your client’s boundaries there is no danger. Developing your intuition and energy testing abilities is a vital part of Quantum Catalyst Healing. Through that you will know what is appropriate and safe at any time.

Is there homework I have to do in addition to attending the live weekly modules?

You will be encouraged to do your own daily meditation practice, as well as reading brief pages of one or more suggested books. These books are also available as audiobooks if you prefer that format. It’s always up to you how much time you put into this. The aim would be for you to be so inspired by what you are gaining that you will want to do these things on your own! In general, you will make great progress if you do at least 20 minutes a day of meditation and spend 1 - 2 hours a week on reading and review. If you spend more time than that you’ll progress faster. There is never any pressure on you, just opportunities to awaken and grow.

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