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Available Via Zoom From Anywhere, or In-Person in Mill Valley, California

Thank you for your interest in my Quantum Catalyst Healing and spiritual coaching services.  My purpose of my services are to help you free yourself from persistent energy blockages and limiting conditioning that have been holding you back from joyful self-expression and well-being. Energy blockages and conditioning could manifest as chronic pain, depression, anxiety or failure to thrive in your work, business or relationships. I work with many holistic practitioners, medical professionals and healers, supporting them in clearing their energy fields so they can fulfill their greater potential as Lightworkers and changemakers. As a healer to the healers I support you in clearing old conditioning and raising your life to your next higher levels of consciousness, pure love and effectiveness. I also offer expert conscious coaching for businesses, ask about that during your Discovery call.

Quantum Catalyst Healing and coaching is very effective through remote Zoom sessions. Learn more about my services here.

New clients start with a complimentary Discovery call. During this 30 minute call we will discuss your needs, goals and visions, and you will receive an initial energetic evaluation. I will intuitively look at the root causes of your issues and help you create a blueprint for clearing yourself and fulfilling your life and work. You will learn about the three steps of the Quantum Catalyst healing and coaching system - Releasing, Rewiring and Realizing. Fees are based on the packages of services you choose that match your requirements, and will be explained during the call.

Message me if you have any questions or special requests by filling out this form. Darren

If this is your first time meeting with Dr Starwynn. You can setup a 30min free introductory call. Use the form below to schedule your meeting.