Ascension Practices

The Ascension Practices Transformational Content Library is filled with video lessons, articles, and more. Explore powerful methods for increasing your healing mastery and living in financial abundance.  Also receive insights into Quantum Sciences and Light Body Activation. The light body is a vital key to radiant health, strong immune system, positive emotions, and true spiritual awakening. Gain profound knowledge and learn Ascension guided practices to help you clear stress and trauma and further activate your light body.

Spiritual Energy Assessment

This is a valuable tool for self-knowledge and empowerment you can complete in about 10 minutes. You have real superpowers, although you may not be fully understanding or acknowledging them yet. You draw on your superpowers when you are doing the things you are the best at doing or emanating.

After honestly choosing a selection in each of the multiple-choice questions in this Assessment you will receive a report telling you your most likely primary and secondary superpower. This is both fun and empowering.

Master Healer Blueprint

This online video mini-course called Master Healer Blueprint presents 9 power steps for recognizing and embodying the Master Healer within you. It is oriented toward healthcare practitioners and healers, yet can also be of great value to anyone seeking to deepen their own self-healing journey.

These 9 steps are distilled from my lifelong study and practice of vibrational medicine, energy healing and the science of consciousness and spiritual practices. All this is distilled down into one 50 minute video that includes several profound guided meditation processes. 

Stressed to Serene

This mini-course contains insights, wisdom and practical methods that have never been put together before. In just 41 minutes I lead you through 8 vital areas of knowledge and practice that can radically help you fulfill the title of the course.
Partial content of How Holistic Practitioners Can Move From Stressed to Serene and Get Crystal Clear:
•    Understanding the 3 unique challenges of holistic practitioners
•    Why holistic practitioners often believe in financial abundance but don’t actually experience it

Awakening Your Intuition

Many holistic health professionals are hungering to further open their intuitive channels. In addition to their own needs for clear information they also understand that they could improve their patient evaluation and care by becoming more adept at receiving higher level guidance.
The Awaken Your Intuition course consists of 8 video lessons, each full of practical methods for awakening your intuitive abilities and higher sense perception. I’ve shared as much of what I’ve learned as possible in this course, distilled down to the essential knowledge and methods that really work.

Self-Clearing Trauma

Would you love to free yourself from internalized trauma or stress and enjoy your fearless, calm center more of the time? You will gain unique insights and practical tools in both these areas through the Self-Clear Trauma course.
We are living in an increasingly traumatized world at this time. Inner peace of mind has become more elusive due to increased stimulation of our reptilian, fear-based brain coupled with the stresses of frequent inner emotional house cleaning that we can’t seem to turn off.

Heal & Transform

Your sense of well-being and fulfillment has everything to do with your ability to flow and process energy in your body.  When that’s happening efficiently you feel grounded, energized and tend to come from a place of inner calm.  You’re less reactive to people and situations, and you find yourself creating from a place of abundance and joy.   On the other hand when your body energy systems are blocked or imbalanced it’s easy to feel stressed, drained, overloaded or in pain.  The Ascension and embodiment tools you will receive through your participation will powerfully support you in clearing and uplifting your energy and conscious awareness.

Become A Guardian of The Light

Your Light is Essential for the Healing of Humanity. By participating in the Guardian program, you empower the Ministry to reach and train Lightworkers all over the country and world.