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Lightworker Ministry supports the global Ascension of consciousness that is the real solution to all the pressing crises on our planet. Join us as a Guardian of the Light by participating and pledging monthly support. 

It can be overwhelming and discouraging to keep hearing about the multiple crises occurring in our society, and all over our planet. Yet when you’re in a state of clarity and energy flow, embodying and sharing more of your true, unbroken self, this could be the best time of your life.

Your light can make a significant difference, especially when you come together with other Lightworkers.

Claiming your higher healing abilities and a more empowered, integrated life usually requires clearing and upgrading your body energy circuits. This process awakens you as an Avatar and puts you in touch with your superpowers.

In truth your body and mind are made up of vibrating energy fields.  Your sense of well-being and fulfillment has everything to do with your ability to flow and process energy in your body.  When that’s happening efficiently you feel grounded, energized and tend to come from a place of inner calm.  You’re less reactive to people and situations, and you find yourself creating from a place of abundance and joy.   

"Please, please keep doing what you are doing.  No one is doing this work for healers that you do.  I am increasing my vibration quickly and exponentially"  Kristine B., L. Ac. Acupuncturist

pledge $20 or more per month to become a guardian and receive all of these benefits

guardian of the light membership includes:

Participate in a 45 Minute Small Group Spiritual Coaching Session and Mini-Reading with Dr. & Reverend Darren Starwynn

Upon your enrollment as a Guardian you will be invited to a small group healing of 3 - 10 people you can join from anywhere via telephone or Zoom conference.  Reverend Darren loves to personally welcome new Church members and offer individual guidance, including a brief reading and Quantum Healing for each participant. Truly, miracles can and often do happen within minutes.
Individual Quantum Catalyst sessions are available as needed, and as Rev. Darren’s schedule permits, on a fee basis.

Learn Powerful Methods for Self-Healing with Quantum Energy

Through a series of 9 clear, brief video lessons you will gain an understanding of the quantum field of energy, and how you can work with it for profound self-healing or healing of others.  This will empower you to get more in touch with your own Master Healer essence.

A plan of special Embodiment meditation practices

Designed for grounding and clearing your energy, including instructional videos.  These are different from most common meditation practices because they are focused on promoting greater embodiment of your true self within your body and energy systems.   

Participate In Live, Bi-Weekly Lightworker Services

Join weekly conferences on Zoom where you can be informed, inspired and enjoy group meditations Each service includes powerful group healing for individuals, the Earth and all life . Some sessions support you in activating your own healer abilities. Your monthly Guardians of the Light membership includes support for these weekly events.

Lifetime Access to the Ascension Practices member website

Browse and watch videos and read writings of profound  teachings and guided Ascension / Embodiment practices. Includes archives of Zoom group services you missed or wish to review. Your Guardian membership gives you access to these premium courses: Self-Clearing Trauma, Awaken Intuition & Heal and Transform.

Your donation of $20 or more per month empowers the lightworker community to grow and reach the world

Testimonials from Darren’s past Quantum Healing clients

Shanon M.

Wellness Business Owner

Dr. Eilzabeth S.


"I consulted with Dr. Starwynn because I needed support with managing a challenging patient load and feeling somewhat spiritually stuck.  I received such tremendous benefit from two sessions with him.  I felt much more alive and connected with my core spirituality in such a way I felt not only grounded in my own life, but with much greater ability to impact the lives of my patients."

Ahnna G.

Licensed Acupuncturist

“I personally received such a healing during this course I am forever grateful – something I had been struggling with for so long has been cleared… the Quantum Field of light will be a part of every treatment from this day forward.”

Lauren B.


“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the work we did in our session. I really felt that our session and my continued self work has been changing my belief system about healing and having control of my life."

Ming-Sung A.


“I am very happy to have met Darren.  He led me to another spiritual space and healing energy spectrum huge and limitless.  I just opened a new window in my healing field and I am very excited about newer, broader and deeper (spiritual, physical, emotional energy fields) journey in my future.  Thank you very much!”

How to Get Started


Step 1: Apply to Enroll

To apply for inclusion as a Guardians of the Light member click the Enroll Now button to fill out brief questionnaire about your requests.


Step 2: Schedule Initial Session

After enrollment, you will be contacted to invite you to participate in a small group Spiritual Coaching and Mini-Reading session with Rev. Darren.


Step 3: Heal and Transform

Share upliftment, healing, meditation and prayers in bi-weekly Lightworker Services.. Experience your small group healing session. Upgrade your body. Explore the valuable Ascension and Embodiment Practices. Follow the directions in the video series and take charge of your life.

For those called to serve as professional Quantum Catalyst Healers, in-depth, transformative training is offered through the Bridge to Mastery Consciousness Institute program. Click here for details.

ministry guardian of the light

Awaken Your Light and

Make a Profound Difference

$20 or more per month

  • Small Group 45 Minute Spiritual Coaching And Mini-Reading
  • Your plan of special meditation practices
  • Bio-Energetic Self-Healing Instructional Videos
  • Live, Bi-Weekly Lightworker Services On Zoom
  • Lifetime Access to Ascension Practices media library
  • Rapid Response Earth Healing participation
  • 3 Premium Courses ($195 value)

Dr. & Rev. Darren Starwynn

Reverend Darren Starwynn is an internationally-known “healer to the healers”, author and innovator. He is known as a “quantum catalyst” because so many people have had major positive shifts in their lives and careers after receiving just a few individual sessions with him, or participating in his group events.  His passion is bringing together and empowering healthcare professionals and healers so they claim their higher healing abilities for themselves and others.  

"Consciousness is the solution to all our personal and planetary problems. Now is the time to reclaim your power and remember who you really are. This is the truest form of healing."

The Guardian of the Light Program is Appropriate If You:

• Are a holistic practitioner, healer or physician ready to elevate your consciousness and develop your Master Healer abilities

 • Are ready for greater embodiment of the light of your true self in your physical body and energy field

 • Are called from within to find a real, effective way to be part of the positive solution on our planet now

 • Are inspired to create your next project, business or creative expression and would like to be supported in that

 • Would love to be part of conscious community of fellow healer/Lightworkers and make new, loving connections

 • Know that you have healer abilities and want help and mentoring in expressing it.  This usually involves going through deeper levels of self-healing and claiming your inner power