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The mission of Lightworker Ministry is to support global ascension of consciousness - the #1 solution to the major challenges now facing the human race. We do this by empowering and awakening higher consciousness within healers, healthcare professionals, meditators and others wishing to serve others by embodying greater Light.

Monthly membership pledges are not tax deductible, but any additional single donations you make to the Ministry ARE tax deductible. Click the right button below to make an additional donation of any amount, which will be tax deductible.

Guardian of the Light Membership

You choose the amount you wish to donate once a month, and this amount is automatically deducted from your credit card or designated bank account. Minimum donation for Guardian program is $20/month. To help more, increase your monthly amount to $30, $40 or more as you are able. Regular support helps us fulfill our mission and is greatly appreciated.


Additional or individual donations of any amount are also gratefully accepted.

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Join As Volunteer

In addition to financial donations Lightworker Ministry also gratefully accepts donations of time from members with resources and skills to contribute to this work. To offer a donation of your time and talents of any amount, click the button to the left to learn about volunteer opportunities.