Awaken the Master Healer within you

and join the movement to transform the World

Are you ready to develop your higher abilities and live in an awakened state? YOU CAN.
Would you love to come together with other Lightworkers and contribute something really meaningful toward the healing of our planet - now when it is so needed? YOU CAN.

These experiences are very attainable to you. You just need the right support and community. Providing that is the purpose of Lightworker Ministry. It is a hub for connecting with other awakening people, discovering advanced Quantum healing methods and being supported in sharing your own brilliant offerings.

Avatars are human beings who are aware of their divine nature, and help change the world. We are aware of historical Avatars like Buddha, Jesus, Gandhi and Quan Yin who inspired millions and helped create mass movements based in love. At this time the doors of consciousness are wide open for “regular” people like us to awaken as Avatars and come together. This is unleashing a tremendous power of light that is positively transforming our planet.

How to become an Avatar Lightworker:

Update your identity from the one who is carrying all the problems and issues into knowing yourself as an Avatar or Goddess - effectively “lightening up.”

Upgrade your body so you vibrate at a higher radiance of Light more consistently 

Discover your higher purpose and join the movement to help change the world 

Learn simple Ascension practices that support these transformations and increase your joy of life

You were born for this and now is the time.

Lightworker Ministry is a non-denominational, non-dogmatic church dedicated to supporting people in going beyond spiritual beliefs into direct experience and embodiment of their true, divine self. Through this you awaken your superpowers, including that of divine love.

Lightworker Ministry is a private membership organization, and you can join for a donation of your choosing. See the
Membership page for details.

Additional donations are gratefully accepted to support our mission and activities, and are tax-deductible. There are also fee-based training programs in Quantum Catalyst Healing or Energy Medicine offered for healthcare professionals, or those called to be healers.

The Lightworker Ministry

A Spiritual Community for Awakening Consciousness

What is a Lightworker?

Lightworkers are people who are called to develop their capacity for holding and expressing high-vibrational spiritual light through their bodies, minds and actions. This process of upgrading your body’s capacity for working with higher light is a physiological as well as spiritual process. In this process you literally build your internal energy circuitry. As you commit to developing yourself in this way you will discover your superpowers, which enable you to accomplish your purpose at the highest, most effective level.

Lightworkers can be from any walk of life, and don’t necessarily need to be healers or any other spiritual-sounding identity!

While many churches and consciousness teachings encourage people to adopt more positive beliefs and attitudes, very few offer effective resources for transforming and upgrading the physical body and awakening innate superpowers. Lightworker Ministry was created to fill this need.

Services Offered for Members:

Bi-Weekly Lightworker Conferences on Zoom

These regular meetings for members are elevating and highly transformative. You will learn powerful meditations and healing methods, and experience amplification of divine, loving Presence. Come to share your light and healing, and to receive it. Miracles can and often do happen. Each session includes a powerful teaching, group Quantum healing and planetary healing for humanity, animals and the Earth.

Professional and Healer referral database

You can search for health professionals or Healers from various regions through the Church referral database. Note – Exercise your own discretion - the Lightworker Ministry does not take any responsibility for your experience working with practitioners on this list.

Library of resources

Get access to videos, audios and writings to support your awakening and ascension process. Browse the Knowledge Base of articles, videos, and training courses to support and activate your Awakening and empowerment.

Training programs for Quantum Catalyst Healing & Vibrational Medicine

There are programs ranging from four months to a year in duration.. The year-long Quantum Certification program leads to being certified as a Quantum Catalyst Healer. A Masters program is also available. These professional programs are open to both licensed healthcare professionals as well as non-professionals who wish to work as Healers.

Rapid Response Earth Healings

At times of crisis on the planet there will be additional emergency prayer sessions to support areas afflicted by wildfires, floods, earthquakes, widespread violence or injustice or more. It has been proven that focused group prayer and visualization can directly affect such events and help relieve suffering. If you choose you will be texted so you can participate when there is a call for group planetary healing.

What You Can Do to Make a Difference Now

More than you think! The human race has been in a fallen state of consciousness in which we have largely forgotten who we really are as divine spiritual beings, or Avatars. We have become identified with our conditioned and often highly manipulated minds, which are based in fear and duality. This has led to the manifold crises facing the human race now. As you increase your capacity for maintaining higher levels of Light in your body by building internal energy circuitry, the power of your prayers and visualizations rapidly increases. That which you affirm and visualize comes to pass more quickly.

There is exponentially greater healing power unleashed when groups of awakening Lightworkers pray and visualize together. Have you been feeling angry, fearful, outraged or even despairing about what is happening in the world now? Those kinds of feelings are understandable. You can harness the power of your feelings to create real change when you attune to the limitless Quantum Field and join with other Lightworkers. When we come together WE are collectively the second coming of the Christ, and are unstoppable!

So if you want to make a real, positive difference in what is happening in your world, and the greater world here are some effective things you can do… read the rest

Dr. & Rev. Darren Starwynn

Reverend Darren Starwynn is an internationally-known “healer to the healers”, author and innovator. He is known as a “quantum catalyst” because so many people have had major positive shifts in their lives and careers after receiving just a few individual sessions with him, or participating in his group events.  His passion is bringing together and empowering healthcare professionals and healers so they claim their higher healing abilities for themselves and others.  

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