The Ascension is...

A massive elevation of consciousness happening on Planet Earth right now.  It is affecting everyone, regardless of their belief systems about it.  We’ll have a much better experience if we learn to “surf” the Ascension.  This short video dramatizes this proposition.

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Become A Guardian of the Light

This level of participation is for healers, health professionals and other Lightworkers who wish to support this movement of consciousness Ascension. Guardians receive 24-7 access to many valuable resources for learning the art of Quantum Healing, clearing their energy field and activating their Light Body.

The Book That Started A Movement

Awakening The Avatar Within

This level of participation is for health professionals and healers who wish to learn and practice the art of Quantum Healing, and also to clear their energy field and activate their Light Body.

Community Resources

Access these any time as part of the Ministry


Training Programs for Guardians

For those who become a Guardian Of Light, these resources are designed to help you on your mission to heal and transform yourself, clear trauma, awaken your intuition, and play your part in the evolution of consciousness.

Bridge to Mastery

Watch this video and discover our most comprehensive training program for Healers