by Reverend Darren Starwynn

This week includes Election Day, 2022 here in the USA, and there has been a tremendous amount of messaging through all the media trying to influence you how to vote. We now have one of the most polarized electorates in the history of this country, and a great deal of real outcomes are at stake that really matter to most of us. These include the continuation of democracy (or not), what will happen with our economy, women and minority rights, how we deal with our environment, immigration, how we respond to massive dis-information campaigns and so much more.

People on both side of the so-called red – blue political divide believe that a major victory for the other side would bring great destruction and evil to our country. Many are willing to take violent action to fight for their view of what is “right”, and some are even calling for another Civil War in the USA.

My purpose in this blog is not to take a position on political parties or candidates. It is to urge you to vote, and before you so take some quiet moments to tune into your heart and spiritual awareness to seek higher guidance. A little bit of that can go a long way! It is to also share something very positive and transformational you can do this week to bring higher-level outcomes to this election time.

Realize that so much of what comes through the media – mainstream media, alt-media, right wing talk shows, liberal commentators, conspiracy theory writings – is tainted. The United States is full of basically good, real people who have allowed their minds and emotions to be programmed by this tsunami of external influences, in effect giving much of their innate spiritual power away. As I speak with people I know and respect who advocate for either right wing – Trumpist views or more progressive liberal views I see that so much of what they espouse and argue for is based on which media they have been listening to and putting their faith in. Realize that your true power comes from the still, small voice of knowing within you that is free of being externally influenced by any of that. This is vital!

Stand up and claim that power. Our hearts and souls are more oriented toward love, truth and recognizing the inherent Oneness and connectedness of all life. If people from both red and blue political views tuned more into that we could find more compromises and common ground, and stand back from threats of greater destruction. The loud, strident voices of polarized political belief are basically rooted in fear and separation – a denial of our innate power and wisdom. Much of it is also motivated by money and power grabs by people who don’t really care about the welfare of the American people.

The United States Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights were created in the 1700’s by white men who were mostly slave owners. Yet after decades of oppression by the ruling British crown some of these men were over-lighted by a higher spiritual inspiration. They created an experiment in democracy partially modelled after the Native American Iroquois federation.

So who or what over-lighted the founding fathers of our country to attempt to create a more just, enlightened system of government than was the norm at that time?  Many believe it was through the influence of Ascended Masters of light, former human beings who now serve billions of people from the higher spiritual realms. One Ascended Master named St. Germaine is said to have brought the gift and awareness of a Violet Transmuting Flame to humanity. Invoking and visualizing this Violet Flame filling and surrounding any person, group or condition on Earth can clear, heal and uplift them. I have read sources claiming that Master St. Germaine was working with some of the framers of the U.S. Constitution back in the day, influencing them toward higher principles of governance.

This week is a perfect time for lots of us to invoke the Transmuting Violet Flame to fill all aspects of the United States election process, touching the red states and blue states people equally. I have been visualizing Violet Flame surrounding each polling place, each election official, each election volunteer, all media talking about the election, issues and candidates, those identifying with right wing, left wing, Trump, anti-Trump, all ideologies, all information and dis-information, campaign finances and most of all, the hearts and minds of all Americans and those who are stakeholders in this country. And also extending this Violet Flame to all other countries and systems going through similar processes of choice about which direction they will go in at this crucial time.

Think about it – when you blend red and blue you get purple, which is similar to violet. Purple is a color of richness, royalty, abundance and beauty. In color therapy violet or purple light have the most powerful anti-inflammatory and pain relieving qualities. Therefore the Violet Flame can ease the terrible pain of partisan polarization that has been tearing our country apart.

Regardless of your political beliefs and affiliations, will you join me in calling for all of us to embody more of these virtues?:

Justice – Truth – Freedom – Compassion – Right Use of Power – Peace – Reconciliation – Love

If the majority of us can agree to support these qualities and invoke the Violet Flame, we as a nation can step back from the brink of greater destruction and polarization and, as the Beatles sang, “We Can Work It Out”.

Let’s expect miracles of hearts opening, minds awakening and more of those virtues being manifest – in spite of all the negative and polarized messaging!

I call upon you to be an activist this week, in whatever way speaks to you. Vote your conscience, invoke higher spiritual principles and truth to dominate the midterm election and encourage others to do so. Join us in visualizing divine light filling and surrounding the Earth. You can learn more about that movement at: 

Please share your contributions and views!

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  1. Thank you so much, Darren, for writing this, and for guiding us to tap into higher frequencies for the highest best for all. As I finished reading this blog of yours, it made me think of the song, Imagine, by John Lennon. I am imagining…

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