As we break the taboo against knowing who we are awaken into a new life.  As you do this the things that interested and motivated you before are likely to change.   One area is your career.   This short post offers a few words of guidance as you move into your new, Higher life purpose.

Are you struck by how fast time is going by?   One poet wrote “My youth passed like a dream”.  Now it seems like every month and year is like that!

It’s all right that time is going by quickly because it is.   What is most important is making sure we enjoy our life and have the satisfaction of knowing we are fulfilling the most juicy purpose we are here for.  Each day, hour and breath is precious.


A high % of people I know are in transition around this.   They may be doing a career they have been in for a long time that pays the bills, and are either dreaming of or preparing to do something new and more rewarding.   Others are scraping by one way or the other, and trying to get clear about what to do next.

The purpose of this post is not to suggest that you visit a career counsellor.

As you move through the process of conscious awakening the things you did in the past may not interest you anymore.  And might not work, either.   Your soul is ringing an inner gong asking you to line up with your higher purpose – Now.   Depending on how open and tuned in you are, this can feel either like a joyful homecoming or crazy making stress.

So how can we fulfil the higher calling of our soul, express more of our creative abilities and help save the world?   And live in greater Abundance as we do it?

There is a way for each of us to do exactly that, and it is part of our process of awakening to the Fifth Dimension.

You don’t have to search for or create your highest purpose.   It is already there in your soul.   But it may be hard to clearly see and acknowledge that from within the dream.

The dream of most people’s lives contain dark arrows of self-doubt and procrastination due to past trauma and unforgiven relationships.   These may be inhibiting them from believing in themselves and feeling empowered to walk forward boldly.

Some of the excuses for not moving forward get pretty creative!   Much of this inner dialogue that bogs us down from doing our life courageously and joyfully is not even really us.  I call it our “pretender voices” – a cacophony of voices in our heads from parents, teachers, ex-spouses, society, religion and even from other lifetimes and dimensions of existence.   This creates what Don Miguel Ruiz called the mitote, or fog in our consciousness.

Clarity comes from truth.  The truth is that you are a sovereign Creator Being tapped into unlimited resources and knowledge.  You claim this by breaking the taboo against knowing who you are.

This is one of the many treasures that are revealed as you awaken to the Fifth Dimension.

Take time to meditate on the higher purpose your soul is leading you into at this time.   Write down the “flows” you get, even if it doesn’t make a lot of sense yet.    You could be surprised by how much wants to come through!    Whenever I take the time to do this kind of writing it feels like my soul is saying something like “It’s about time!  I’ve been waiting to get your attention for a while.”

Life is a lot more fun and fulfilling when you are living the Main Event of your life.   Enough already with the sideshows.


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  1. I love this post, as I am going through this process and it is good to remember that my struggles are part of the dream, and not mandatory!

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