by Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.

As you may already know I was the lead developer of the Acutron Microlight equipment, and have been engaged in microcurrent work since the 1980’s.  Over these last decades there have been numerous purchases of Acutron units by the Air Force and other governmental groups.  In this post I will share some extraordinary experiences I participated in at Eglin Air Force Base last week while leading an Acutron initial training.  I think you may find these of value in seeing the capabilities of energy medicine.

The training took place at the Invisible Wounds Center at the Eglin AFB medical center in northern Florida.  This center is led by Dr. Thomas Piazza, a multi-skilled, dedicated M.D.  This center is one of many facilities throughout the USA that specifically deal with the kind of suffering that is hard to see on this surface – the agony of non-responsive chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Private benefactors have contributed the buildings for these special centers, and the Air Force staffs the centers with doctors, therapists and psychologists.   As you can imagine, this team is very eager to learn about new methods that can help their patients more.  With all the skills and tools at their disposal recovery rates for service people with PTSD and severe chronic pain are still often quite limited.   During the two day Acutron training the staff enlisted several patients with severe issues for me to treat as demonstrations.  I will share some of the results we witnessed.

One young man had his left leg blown off by a bomb in Afghanistan last year.  He walked in with an artificial leg, and told me about chronic aching and pain in the stump.   He had not yet had much relief of that pain after going through many other treatments offered by the center, including another electrical stimulation device.  I used the Acutron to do a 3 – step treatment:  balance his chakras with microcurrent and color light, use probe electrodes to connect the painful stump points to opposite body point on his arms and spine using the law of as above – so below, and then finally running a Frequency-Specific Microcurrent (FSM) protocol directly through the painful area and related nerve roots.  Total treatment time was about 30 minutes.  After this treatment this patient reported greatly reduced pain and soreness which was especially apparent when he pulled the artificial leg sleeve back onto his leg stump.  This had previously been a painful experience for him.

I also treated several patients with severe PTSD symptoms.  One was a servicewoman who had been through domestic abuse in her previous marriage.  She looked and felt burdened, depressed and overwhelmed.  I took her through the BTERM process (Bilateral Trauma Energy Release Method) using the Acutron color light probes with simultaneous FSM pad treatment.  During this 30 minute session she revisited parts of her abusive experiences while receiving bilateral stimulation of microcurrent and color light on selected acu-points.  I guided her through visualization exercises to shift the electrical patterns in her brain that had been perpetuating the symptoms of nightmares, depression and anxiety.   By the end of the session she had gone through a fundamental shift in her perspective and was in a state of gratitude and greater inner peace.

Next was a former Texas cowboy now working at the Eglin clinic as a medical technician.   His case was very interesting.  He had gone through multiple injuries of his body during his younger years and now lived with chronic back and knee pain.  During his first treatment session he received Acutron probe and pad techniques for pain relief, and relief was partial and temporary.  Just before the end of the training later that day I offered him a second treatment with Acutron, this time focusing on emotional trauma release from a serious car accident he had 35 years ago.   After this treatment he was amazed to find that his back  and knee pain was greatly reduced.  The next day, after sleeping on it, his back pain was still mostly reduced and one knee was almost pain-free.  The other knee still had pain and would require further treatments.   His case confirmed that old emotional trauma can perpetuate pain, and in many cases needs to be released from the body and psyche before long-term pain relief is likely to happen.

One more case – a servicewoman in her 30’s who had a long history of Iron Man marathons, extreme sports and martial arts.  She was now living with chronic leg and foot pain.  Because I almost always test and balance the chakras as part of my chronic pain treatments I tested and found that her Heart chakra was imbalanced.  The Heart chakra has quite a bit of energetic influence over the four limbs of the body, so I balanced it with Microlight color probes as step one of her session.  I then directed the staff to apply both probe techniques and FSM to her with some simultaneous mobilization of her feet.   She left the session really happy because she felt better than she had for a long time!

It is a privilege and honor to treat these people who are giving so much in service.  These experiences confirm once again of the great power of energy medicine and the Acutron when optimal treatment techniques are applied.  Many of the staff members I worked with there left our training inspired to learn these skills and elevate their results.

I have also recently had a renewed surge of interest in this subject, and have been producing new, updated training materials for Acutron.  If you are in practice, or planning to be, and would like to learn these methods I welcome you to contact me at the email address below.



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