By Darren Starwynn – December 20, 2019

Happy holidays to you!

Lightworkers are people who are motivated to raise their own consciousness and help others do the same, so they may deeply heal and become more aware of their true self.  Lightworkers do what it takes to embody more light in their bodies and being.  Growing numbers of people in the healthcare professions (and many other walks of life) are Lightworkers, or moving in the direction of being one.  To make it simpler, Lightworkers bring the Light.  That’s what we do.

During this holiday season most of us slow down or pause our busy schedules to share more with friends and family, and do our best to enjoy ourselves.  Yet as we are doing our holiday thing unprecedented things are unfolding in our world.  These include the seeming polarization of our country after the impeachment, new scientific reports on the acceleration of climate change (and very likely feeling the direct effects of that in your area) and so many people we know going through so much. Did you ever get the feeling that time is speeding up and yet your to-do list is growing?

With all this it could be easy to feel some combination of overwhelmed, anxious, helpless or just wanting to check out and ignore it all as much as possible.  It could be easy to think “what can I do about all that?”  Actually we are far from helpless observers.

What you will read here cannot be proven to the rational mind.  It comes from my soul and the knowing of myself and countless others.  You will know how true this is for you by the resonance you feel within yourself.

Lightworkers are powerful, more powerful than we know!  A part of us knows and remembers this.  This is not power over others as is glorified in our external world, this is the power of being a creator being who can create from thought and intention.  This is the power of love – the truth behind everything and the glue that holds the Universe together.  When Lightworkers claim these powers and stand together we are unstoppable and can work wonders.

We may rightfully wonder why authoritarian leaders have come into power in so many countries in recent years, including the USA.  Many of these leaders seem to oppose basic human rights, freedom of the press, protection of our environment, honoring of diversity and other markers of growing consciousness.  In the USA huge corporations have basically bought our government and exercise undue control. I’m going to offer an explanation and potential solution for this that is not often thought of, yet should be.

Yes, corrupt politicians and greedy corporations need to be held accountable.  Yet it is Lightworkers who have the greatest opportunity to help change the system at its roots.  We are like sleeping giants who have forgotten who we are.  We are like Gulliver from Gulliver’s travels who seemed to be captured by a band of tiny Lilliputians, yet could break free any time we flex our muscles.

I believe that many Lightworkers tend to deny their power and play small due to the inner burdens of old trauma.  Many have deep cellular imprints of persecution and other consequences of fully shining our light in the past.  These imprints may have created various flavors of inhibition, self-doubt and sometimes even self-sabotage.  We may end up with subconscious programming that makes us use our own inner power against ourselves, all driven by a deep instinctive need to feel safe.

So what if we stepped out of that self-limiting paradigm and dared to fully shine our light again?  What if groups of us came together to do that on a regular basis?  Here’s what I believe would happen – we would change the world, literally.  Society would change.  The power of corrupt politicians and corporations would be broken because masses of people would awaken to their own power and responsibility and either kick the bums out or compel them to clean up their act.  It would help people to awaken to who they really area.  It would be infectious in the best sense of the word.  I even believe that empowered Lightworkers coming together could mitigate natural disasters such as floods and wildfires.  Why?  Because our spirits are unlimited.  Limitation only exists in our minds.

This trend is already happening all over the planet, and now is a great time to step up this activity.

I commit to getting off my own proverbial butt and organizing more events for Lightworkers in my area.  The purpose will be to raise consciousness and not to be against anything except ignorance and denial.

If you feel a resonance with the spirit of this message (not necessarily my beliefs expressed here), and wonder what you can do to claim your power of Light at this time, here are a few ways:

  1. Honor this Winter Solstice time. Spend some time in meditation or groups for this purpose.  This is the time of the greatest darkness that precedes the increase of light in our world.  It is a powerful time to go within and release our old programming.  A great time to resolve to be the Light in the New Year.
  2. Make daily meditation as high of a priority as eating, working and walking your dog. This is the activity that has the greatest potential to uplift and positively transform your experience, so why relegate to a lower priority?  If you would like new inspiration and updating of your meditation practice I have put many powerful Ascension meditation practices on line.  (see below).
  3. Come together with others who are motivated to raise their consciousness as much as possible.  Many wise sayings are attributed to Jesus, and one amazingly relevant and true one is “When two or more are gathered in my name, there I AM also”.  This is based on the science of consciousness and is not just a religious belief.  In this statement I AM refers to the universal Divine presence inside of all of us.
  4. Use this sacred solstice time to take time listen to the small, still voice of your inner knowing.  Journaling and other expressive methods are wonderful, and it is likely some very valuable messages will come through for you as you write.  When we get these messages from our spirit and then obey them it opens the channels to receive more frequent and higher-level messages.
  5. Love is the greatest truth and law. Practice love in as many big and small ways as you can.  We are all connected.  See your love reflected in your family members, friends, strangers you pass on the street and the checkout person at the supermarket.  And definitely don’t forget self-love, the basis of well-being (and sanity).

Have a lovely holiday season whatever you are doing or not doing.  Let’s bring the Light into the darkness.  See you in the new decade!

P.S.  There is a new Ascension practices website that offers more writings about consciousness, guided meditations and clinical practices.  You can get 60 days free access at this link.

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  1. Blessings to you, Dr. Starwynn. The world needs more of you. I truly am with you on this thought-provoking blog. Thanks for sharing. I am trying my best.

  2. Holiday blessings to you today and always, Dr. Starwynn. I am with you on this thought-provoking blog. The world needs more of you. I am trying my best. Thank you.

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