by Darren Starwynn

While the title of this blog may appear counter-intuitive or even outrageous I will explain as clearly as I can why I believe this is true.  Tune into your own inner knowing as you read this and see if any of it resonates.

To put it as simply as possible our human race has rapidly moved in a direction that has been destructive to our Earth that supports us, and to ourselves.  Our technological advances have greatly outpaced our wisdom in using them consciously.  We have been rapidly polluting our planet, accelerating destructive climate change and destabilizing the ecological balance of life on our planet.  CRISPR technology now allows almost anyone with basic training to manipulate human genetics, and this could obviously be used for dark purposes.  Political and economic power has become increasingly concentrated into the control of a small minority of people, most of whom are self-seeking and willing to sacrifice the good of the many and our Earth for their own purposes.  On the inner level the majority of humans have become increasingly alienated from their own inner spiritual essence with the consequences of escalating depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress.  A major stop and reset has become necessary for preservation of human and many other species of life on Earth.  And that is what we now have.  And it is a much-needed blessing!

Since the shelter at home orders have gone into place the air quality over most major cities has greatly improved.  Billions of people with previously frenetic, high-stress lives are now chilling out at home with their families or being more inwardly directed.  Violent crimes are way down in most major cities.  Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Congress, who had been extremely polarized and uncooperative came together to almost unanimously pass major legislation to help people and businesses in need.  There are probably lots of other remarkable benefits that will be reported as time goes on.

The coronavirus is not the enemy.  In an online Zoom spiritual discussion group I participated in last night a woman shared a quote from a medicine man from the Arawaka tribe of Peru.  Here is part of his comments:

“We don’t know why the Earth took until now to find a way to protect herself from the damage caused by human activity.   In a deep way  many of us have been waiting for this to happen.  Someone powerful and sacred had to intervene to stop the destruction of the sources of life.  The Earth herself.  Viruses are made by the Earth.  And now we are forced to make the sacrifice we couldn’t make from our own will… Today, I want to connect my heart to the heart of the Earth and be one with her, to understand with deep compassion what she is doing to keep life alive, instead of falling into the illusion that an enemy is trying to destroy me.”

I have seen some fairly compelling evidence that the COVID-19 virus was bio-engineered in laboratories in either China or the U.S. for bio-warfare purposes.  I don’t really know if that is true or not, and am not interested in promoting theories I don’t have proof of.  I believe the truth about that will come out eventually.  But in the bigger picture it is actually not so important – the genie has been let out of the bottle and Mother Earth is asserting her life-saving power using the virus.

There have been numerous prophesies from many cultures and sources that have seemed to predict a major planetary cataclysm around this time in history.  These have included the Book of Revelations, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, the Mayans and loads more.  Most of these prophesies say there would be major destruction followed by ascension into a new civilization based on higher consciousness.  I have wondered about this  throughout my life.  Will this happen during my lifetime?  Or in my daughter’s lifetime?  What will it really be like?  I had heard about the horrors of the Holocaust from my parents, who told me about countless numbers of my relatives in Poland and Lithuania who had been murdered in Nazi concentration camps.  I saw movies about the carnage of the World Wars of the 20th century.  I read about the flu epidemic of 1918 that wiped out over 40 million people worldwide.  I got a high lottery number and so did not get drafted for the Vietnam war, the closest thing to that kind of horror that happened during my youth.  In the relatively privileged life of a baby boomer in the U.S. it seemed like those kinds of experiences were far away.

Not any more.  While I believe this pandemic is a necessary blessing it is also heartbreaking to hear about the suffering and rapidly escalating deaths in New York, Italy, Spain and so many other places.  And even here in posh Marin County, California we have one of the highest rates of infection in the State of California as a % of population (2.4 people per thousand as of today).

I have been talking and writing about the global ascension of consciousness for many years, and have been experiencing lots of inner changes as part of it.  Some of those experiences been high and inspiring and some grueling as the elevating energies have rubbed my nose into the doo-doo of the dark corners of my own mind for clean up.  Since this pandemic has started I have noticed accelerating elevation of my consciousness.  Being home more of the time has given me more time to meditate, and a lot is opening up.  I believe that an immense doorway of higher consciousness access has opened up for all of us through this pandemic.  It is up to us whether we feel churned within the panic of mass consciousness or ground and elevate ourselves through inner connection work.

In my opinion practicing meditation has moved in priority from being something that would be “nice to do if we find time” to becoming a vital survival and adaptation activity.  It makes a huge difference, and again, the virus is acting like a personal spiritual trainer, motivating us to go within to connect with our true selves more than we were probably motivated to do in the past.

There is an inner path in front of each of us, and it is vital that we recognize and follow it if we are to choose life and well-being now.  A Lightworker is anyone who is choosing to attune themselves to the light of their true self and help others to do so.  This is one of the most important activities at this time.  There is great power in Lightworkers coming together to support each other in personal clearing and raising of consciousness.  Several weeks ago I was directed to start offering weekly Lightworker Conferences on Zoom for free on Thursdays at 5 PM Pacific time.  We have now had three of them and they have been beautiful, uplifting experiences.  If you wish to receive invites for upcoming conferences you can get on the invite list here.  There are also lots of other groups continuing or forming for this purpose all over the planet.  On one of the recent Lightworker conferences several participants shared that they were mysteriously feeling happier and better since the pandemic began, and some expressed a sense of guilt about feeling so good while others were suffering.  We eventually agreed that this is a confirmation of the ascension of consciousness we are caught up in, and that there is no need to feel guilty about it!

Yes, we will get through this pandemic in the not too distant future and the current crisis will ease and resolve. We will be able to leave our homes and do our work and enjoy each other again.  But I don’t believe we will go “back to normal”, or that that would be a good thing.  We will need to move forward into living upon our Earth in a more respectful way.  We will need to slow down our frenetic rush, at least to some extent, and get busy awakening from the bad dream of dis-connection from our own true Selves.   There are lots of other changes needed as well that are too much to write about now.  Yet when that easing of the pandemic happens it is vital that we don’t get lulled into a false sense of security.  The Spanish flu epidemic at the end of World War I hit in the Spring of 1918 creating massive numbers of deaths.  It subsided during the summer of that year during the warm weather.  But then the flu resurfaced in a more virulent form the next winter and created even more deaths.   So it will require all the best we, our scientists and policy leaders can do to prevent a replay of that time.   I do believe that what each of us does to clear and elevate our own consciousness directly helps create more positive outcomes in the outside world.   Therefore we all have a vital part to play.  We can’t just look to leaders to solve this.

I envision something like a truth and reconciliation commission streaming on live TV  24-7 telling the truth about so many vital things that have been kept hidden from the majority of people.  A massive, collective cleaning up of our act.  And none too soon.

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  1. Darren,

    This is really great! You’ve expressed your thoughts very beautifully, and coherently.

    I’ve sent a list of our word group out to all, and would love you to send them this, If you haven’t already.

    Love and blessings,


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