By Darren Starwynn

December 12, 2020

When you look out at the world, what do you see and feel about it?  Is this the world you want to be living in?  Could you imagine a reality in which 2021 becomes one of the best times of your life?

Imagine if you could literally change the world by shifting your perception of it.  I don’t mean just changing the world in your inner imagination.  I mean really changing the world that billions of people are walking around on right now.

What if you could shift your personal reality – your state of health, energy, finances, emotional state and level of consciousness simply by choosing it?  What if you could help heal and uplift the human race by believing that you can?  What if you have the power to help reduce global suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic through your consciousness?  More about this in a bit.

As we are rapidly moving toward the Winter Solstice and then into 2021 these are vital questions to answer.  The truth is that you and I are much more multi-dimensional than we believe we are.  Underneath the skeptical veneer of our surface minds we are creator beings with soul memories of powerfully creating directly from our visions and intentions.  This, combined with our very human, vulnerable bodies and changing emotions creates a rich experience that is…. very interesting.

Timelines are pathways of future outcomes.  A timeline takes you in a certain direction with a certain set of experiences.  Most people believe that they are more or less locked into the timeline they are on but that is simply a limiting belief (it’s unbelievable what people believe!).

Imagine this.  Each morning when you wake up a row of doorways appears in front of you.  In order to fully awaken and get on with your day you have to choose one of them and walk through it.  Due to the force of habit and belief you tend to always choose the doorway that is most familiar to you.  Then your day unfolds as you might expect.  It may be a “good day” or a “stressed-out difficult day” or anything in between, but it all is part of what you believe your world to be.  You are a certain sex and age, you have a certain amount of money, some state of health or unhealthiness and you have an identity that is supported by a network of people who reinforce that identity in you.  You are so habituated to walk through the familiar doorway in which you are all those things that you don’t even really notice the other ones. Your mind blocks them out.  Each of these doorways is a timeline of reality with its own set of outcomes.

Even though our conscious minds may not recognize it we are continually choosing timelines.  A person with low self-esteem, strong sense of guilt or programmed trauma may unconsciously choose timelines full of setbacks and disasters.  A person claiming her sovereignty and self-love is more likely to enter a timeline of more beautiful, abundant and loving experiences.  It is well worth us learning to choose timelines consciously!

Whatever timeline we move into is helping create what we call the world – the field of shared experience of humanity. Most of us grow up believing that “the world” is something that exists as an objective reality, and that everybody lives in that same world, yet that is not necessarily true.

I have been pondering these things and putting it to the test.  At the time before the November 3rd Presidential election I was feeling some fear about media predictions that there could be violence and intimidation at polling places.  I was worried about the USA moving in the direction of a totalitarian system.  I was concerned about my own future moving into such an unknown time.  Then I remembered about timelines – that there are many possible outcomes, many doorways in front of me.  I realized that there were two ways I could approach the future:

  1. With trepidation, HOPING things go in a positive direction
  2. Pro-actively CHOOSING and creating the future I want to live in, and that I want to see in my world

I committed to sitting in meditation twice a day visualizing and decreeing what I want to see.  I saw peaceful polling places on November 3, and an election process that was smooth, fair and accurate.  I visualized greater co-operation and disclosures of truth happening all over the world.  I saw myself and those I love and serve living in health and abundance.  And much more.  It felt shaky at first, but I kept doing it and as I did the experience became more clear and full of light.  As I did these meditations I intended to connect with lightworkers all over the Earth who are also visualizing and calling for peace and well-being.  That is a powerful movement that we don’t hear much about, and one we can tap into.

Here’s what happened:  On November 3 there was almost no violence or disturbances reported at polling places.  In spite of massive attempts at disruption so far the post-election process is moving forward according to law.  The people spoke, electing Joe Biden as President yet also putting lots of Republicans into the House of Representatives and State-level offices.  The system amazingly worked.

So what lies ahead?  There are many potential timelines in front of us here in the USA.  In some of them we slog along much as it is now.  In one horrible timeline the country descends into civil war between those who support the election outcome and those who believe Trump has been cheated out of a second term.  In a different timeline the new leaders of the country step out of their own brand of corruption and corporate control to elevate their consciousness and better serve the Divine Plan, and people all over the country pitch in to create a more just society.  Things get a whole lot better.  There are many other possible timelines as well.

The medias are now screaming about how disastrous this winter will be for people dying and suffering with the pandemic.  Yes that seems like a logical progression based on what has been happening but it is just ONE POTENTIAL TIMELINE.  There are other timelines in front of us in which the outcomes are different, in which the pandemic lightens up.  There is a lot of controversy about COVID vaccines now.  Many people are eager to get vaccinated as soon as a dose is ready and trust that it will be safe and effective. Others are very suspicious of the new vaccines being toxic or laced with tracking devices that take away their freedoms.  Could both groups be right, but each of those outcomes happen in divergent timelines?

The point of all this is that as creator beings we have a choice in how this all comes down.  We don’t have to live in fear or just hope things get better.  This is our opportunity to remember who we are – to clear up our old patterns of denial or avoidance of the responsibility of that.

Here is a brief suggested practice for shifting timelines, if you’d like to play:

  1. Get into a meditative, quiet space. Put the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth, right behind your two front teeth.  Breathe deeply into your lower abdomen and relax.  Clear your mind of “the world” as much as you can.
  2. Go into the feelings inside your body. Feel how you are now and completely love and accept yourself as you are.
  3. Affirm that you have the power of choice and creation of the reality you live in.  Decree something along the lines of:  “I AM a creator being of light now consciously choosing the timeline of my reality.  I choose that NOW”.  Experiment with what visualizations and decrees raise the frequency of your emotions, that make you feel lighter and happier and use those.
  4. Tune into the outcomes you want to see in the world, in politics, for the pandemic, or for your own personal life.
  5. Imagine a row of doorways in front of you, each representing a different timeline. In your mind notice which one seems the most full of light and positivity, and that contains the outcomes you choose to experience. In your imagination move toward that one and firmly push it open and walk through it.
  6. Put aside doubt. Boldly and lovingly envision those outcomes you want already happening.  Feel your love and healing power spreading out in waves all over the planet, and to your loved ones.  See it filling your own life experiences, finances, relationships and health.
  7. For planetary healing it can be extra powerful to visualize violet cosmic fire surrounding the Earth and filling the minds and hearts of all people, lightening up denial, control systems and the shadow self. Violet fire is transformative, healing, purifying and transmuting.  It is a great resource.
  8. Sit as long as you want enjoying the new timeline.  Anytime your logical mind tries to butt in casting doubt on the reality of what you are doing just notice it and don’t give your power to it, stay in your choice. “Thank you for sharing, but no thanks”.
  9. As you complete the practice intend to fully live in the new timeline.  Don’t be concerned whether it seems to be going smoothly or not.  Once you make the choice there could be a cleanup process with some ups and downs in your body and mind.  Just roll with it and don’t worry.
  10. Repeat regularly and your practice will get stronger. Try doing this in groups, as it can amplify the power of transformation.  The more you claim this practice the clearer your power to shift timelines will be.  Ask for your higher guidance to support you.

These days leading up to and including the Winter Solstice on December 21st are a very powerful time for creating and choosing our new reality.  So is any time after that.

The power of our beliefs is very strong.  Just believe you can do this and you can.

I welcome comments and questions about this post.


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