by Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.

Movies and TV shows about humans possessing super powers have fascinated viewers for a long time.  Why do we love X-Men, Superman, Wonder Woman, Black Panther and Lord of the Rings so much? Is it because we feel so powerless in comparison to them? Because those images shore us up? Because we want someone to swoop in and fix things? I don’t think that’s the main reason. I believe we resonate so strongly with those shows because they remind us that on some level that we are also have real superpowers.

For some of us our superpowers were obvious at a young age. At early ages some children showed themselves to be a math whiz, a musical prodigy or to start moving like an athlete prior to receiving any external training. For others their superpowers were not so obvious because they required more time, challenge or struggle to bring them out. They may have been expressing superpowers not normally valued in our society or in their family or were too busy coping with an abusive or hostile environment. Some children have been too preoccupied with survival issues to begin to develop their higher abilities.

Some children were actively shunned or punished for their superpower. For example one of my clients is a highly gifted intuitive healer and hypnotherapist named Helen whose mother despised her sensitivity and psychic gifts. Whenever Helen would share some of her perceptions as a young child her mother would actively berate her by saying things like “you’re a horrible witch and you should never say ugly things like that in my house”. It’s not surprising that Helen grew up hiding away her gifts of healing and spiritual vision. Helen is now an adult and has received a series of Quantum Catalyst healing sessions in which she was supported in clearing old toxic conditioning and reclaiming and honoring her superpowers. She is now working as a healing professional and actively bringing the blessings of her considerable gifts to others.

Although you were born with the seeds of your specific superpower you will usually need to work to develop it. Athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs, healers, mediators or scientists who amaze us with the brilliance of their abilities and performance worked hard to develop their innate abilities. Some of us hone our super powers through intensive disciplined practice, others through major selfless giving to our family or tribe and others by living through the fires of personal struggle and tragedy. And many other ways and combinations of ways.

Another of my clients named Frances is a highly gifted psychotherapist who specializes in working with people who have been through extreme forms of traumatic abuse. Many of her clients present with dissociative identity disorder (DID), a common symptom of people who have been through devastating childhood trauma. Frances experienced severe trauma and sexual abuse in her own early life and had been through a series of devastating adult experiences around the time I met her. In spite of these experiences, or perhaps because of them, she possesses a remarkable ability to consult with a very busy schedule of clients who are dealing wi6th very difficult conditions and has helped most of them to significantly heal. If Frances had not been through the experiences she has it is questionable whether she would be able to offer such a consistently high level of her superpower.

Your Avatar self is the power source of your super power. Why? Because it is tapped into all the love, power, intelligence and abundance of the Universe and beyond. Just as a glass prism refracts sunlight into a rainbow of colors this ultimate power manifests through us in differing and sometimes unique ways. Part of our individuality has to do with what our purpose is. There is a strong internal urge in most of us to identify and develop our super power because it supports our mission, and our mission strongly calls to us.

There is an overall direction of the human race, and that is to transmute our traumas and accumulated baggage into love and ascend in consciousness. As more and more people join the movement of awakening, we will graduate from trying times of suffering and polarization into the enlightened race we are capable of being. You and I and everyone else has a special part to play in this process. It is your superpower that allows you to play that part effectively.

Examples of Superpowers

To make this subject more tangible, here is a list of super powers I have identified in people. Having one or more of the qualities in this list does not necessarily mean that you have developed your superpowers. It is when they are expressed in a heightened way bordering on genius that they become super:

  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Master healer abilities
  • Scientific inventiveness
  • Imagination
  • Artistic vision and expression
  • Humor
  • Spiritual vision
  • Physical grace and strength
  • Bringer of justice
  • Teacher and mentor
  • Destroyer of outmoded systems
  • Light translator
  • Clear, inspiring communicator
  • Spiritual warrior
  • Goddess power
  • Nurture
  • Truthteller
  • Deep listener

In my explorations of many spiritual teachings and paths I’ve come across people who beautifully embody one or more superpowers. I gravitated toward these people, seeing them as teachers and mentors and sometimes putting them on pedestals in my mind. Like the ugly duckling I often tried to emulate these people’s abilities and would often feel inadequate, “not enough” and spiritually retarded in comparison to them.

When I finally gave up trying to copy other people’s super powers I started discovering my own.  Through years of doing healing sessions and receiving mirroring from others I have realized that I am a quantum catalyst and light translator. As a quantum catalyst the presence of my transmission empowers others to recognize, activate and embody their oen super powers, bringing them out in practical expression often more quickly than they believed possible. As a light translator I gather knowledge and direct energetic experiences from multi-dimensions and integrate it all into simple, practical lessons that others can grasp and benefit from. (The super power of humor also often pours through me when I’m not trying too hard, three hard or four hard!).

Discovering your Superpower

Answering the following questions will help you get in touch with your primary superpower and perhaps one or more secondary ones.  Answer these questions more from a feeling and intuitive level. It is most useful to journal your answers in a notebook. Allow your left brain analysis of yourself to help, but be secondary to the input from your heart and gut.

  1. When you were growing up what did people who knew you well say were your strongest and most noticeable characteristics? These were the ways you tended to invest most of your energy and focus. Even if you might judge these tendencies as negative they can still, in some way point toward a superpower.  For example, a childhood condition of attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) which may have seemed like a problem could become the power behind an excellent adult athlete or brilliant inventor. Many powerful healers, teachers and social innovators started their lives burdened by depression or anxiety. They had to learn to take their power back from those who have influenced them in the past in order to claim their superpower.
  2. What have you dreamed you would really love to do with your life, if there were no obstacles or limitations holding you back? Or if you knew that you could overcome them?
  3. What have been your strongest natural abilities throughout your life? These may be abilities you have already expressed extensively in your work or relationships, or those you know you have that you have not yet actualized much on a practical level. Think of times you have been the most successful, had your most valuable accomplishments, connected the most deeply with another person or created something really beautiful. Write those down as well as those qualities of being you drew on to create those outcomes. These do not have to be creations or accomplishment valued by our materialistic culture, such as making big amounts of money or gaining extensive external recognition. Sometimes what may be judged as small acts could make a big difference to others in need. For example a retired disabled man who greets people entering Wal-Mart could be expressing his superpower of making people feel welcome and at ease.
  4. Have you fantasized about having a superpower that would allow you to do something extraordinary? If so, what is that super power and what would it allow you to do? In answering this question do NOT tie your answer to what you believe is realistic or practical! Have fun imagining the answer – even the sky is not the limit!  If you get excited fantasizing about being a galactic level healer, being the next Gandhi or ending hunger in Africa go for it!
  5. What quality in you has helped other people the most? If you are a healer, physician or healing arts practitioner, in what specific, repeatable ways have your clients transformed the most when working with you?
  6. If you have already opened up your spiritual sight or direct knowing, what do you see or know about your true spiritual identity, the highest version of yourself?

These are questions that are best answered over a period of time. Write or type your initial, spontaneous answers and then set your intention to allow your intuition to show you more.  Come back to your document at least three times over a week, adjusting your answers as guided. This writing exercise can be combined with forms of inner contemplation in which you encourage yourself to visualize yourself doing what you would most love to do, perhaps discovering more of what that really is in the process.

As mentioned above some children are able to strongly express their superpower from a young age. We often see that in musicians, dancers, athletes and those with natural leadership or intellectual abilities.  Having supportive parents who recognize these abilities and support the child in mastering them is a great help. Others have to work hard at claiming their super power, and go through lots of trauma, struggle and setbacks. Some parents go too much in the opposite direction and push their children to perform and excel in ways that create high stress and resistance.

Back in the early 1970’s I heard a healing mentor in Boulder, Colorado named Thelma Dowd teach the principle of “greater mission, greater purification”. This means that the more powerful and expansive a person’s superpower is the more seeming hell they may go through in claiming and expressing it. The process of going through all those painful experiences eventually helps open the heart and create a strong motivation to help others who have been through similar struggles. This process of claiming and expressing your greatest gifts can be seen as your Assignment of Love in this lifetime.  See Chapter 24 for more about this.

Your super power is what you are probably most inspired and motivated about in your life now, and you’ve been dancing around it for a long time. Once you recognize what your superpower is you can commit yourself to developing it. As you make that commitment things will start happening in your life to support it. A series of people may show up and give you feedback about how much you have helped them in certain areas of life. You may learn some energy healing methods, and as you share them you are blown away by how positively they transform. Or you may go through your own injury or healing crisis and discover healing power within yourself that you never knew you had. Sometimes you will simply find yourself dreaming and fantasizing about doing something you have never done before, which could be your superpower calling to you.

Claiming Your Superpower

Your superpower calls to you. It calls you to uncover and express the potency of your Light beyond the comfort zone of your conditioned mind. And we usually say no to it until we finally get ready to say yes to it after going through sufficient vairagya.

The good news is that the more we choose to live a passionate life expressing our superpower the less we will resist it, and the easier it becomes. It’s another form of creating new neural pathways. I have found that I have had to take risks each time I have claimed a new level of my superpowers and higher purpose. I had to be willing to do things I was not sure I could do and risk being rejected or looking like a fool or a failure.

One memorable example of that was at a Microcurrent seminar I taught in Los Angeles in 2012.  A physician-acupuncturist attending that seminar asked if he could bring one of his patients to the seminar so I would treat him as a demonstration in front of the room. His patient, Jack, was a Vietnam veteran with multiple, severe chronic pain and neuropathy issues that no other treatments, including acupuncture and microcurrent therapy had been able to relieve. At first I said no because I was not sure I would be able to be effective relieve this man’s pain, and didn’t want to fail in front of my students. Eventually I reluctantly agreed to do this demonstration.

Once Jack was in front of the 35 students attending the seminar I evaluated and treated him using all my best techniques. Jack only reported minimal improvement from all my work, and I grew more stressed and nervous. Then at one point something in me popped open and I started seeing Jack as already whole and free of pain. I felt a significant energetic shift happen between Jack and myself. As I was treating an acupuncture point in his ear with microcurrent a surprised look came over his face and he started moving his body, amazed that 80% of his pain was gone for the first time in years. This relief lasted for several days, and his care was continued by the doctor who brought him.

What I realize now was that I opened up more to my master healer superpower that day. I had been aware of that part of me previously, but had not fully trusted it, putting more faith in my electronic healing devices and rational techniques. Once I had that first experience with Jack I started inviting my students to bring their most difficult pain relief patients who had not found relief to all my seminars. My success at being able to demonstrate impressive results at each event was over 90%.

A similar story applies to my public speaking abilities. In my youth I used to be so shy, and almost paranoid at times, that it was hard for me to even be in groups, much less speak up in them. Once I created my microcurrent manufacturing business in my thirties I started getting invitations to teach training seminars. I remember the first time I offered one in California in 1991 in front of a room full of chiropractors. I was so nervous that I hid in the bathroom for a while, wishing I didn’t have to do this. I finally coaxed myself to step out and deliver my class. After a slow, and somewhat hesitant start I got into the rhythm of teaching and interacting and it became fun. Within a short time I was teaching regular seminars, feeling a flow and power that people were benefitting from. Now I love sharing with groups of any size and the clarity and smoothness of my delivery keeps getting better.

What these stories illustrate is that it often requires a willingness to step into the unknown and take a risk to claim your superpower, or the next level of it. This happens the most when we put ourselves into positions of service.

So, if you want to claim and discover your superpower put yourself into situations where it’s needed and you are the one there to deliver it. Choose to come from a place of love and service rather than self-aggrandizement, really caring about the person or people you are helping. That is the surest way to express your super power.

What you will likely find is that your super power will raise the level of work or techniques you are already implementing.

As a person goes through levels of spiritual initiation new superpowers are opened up within them. This is Universal Law – the higher a level you serve the more tools and resources are given to you to get the job done. That is why ascended Masters like Jesus, Buddha or Quan Yin possess God-like powers to lovingly heal and bless billions of people at the same time. They have stepped up to serve on a super-high level and they are given supreme superpowers. When reading those last sentences, did your mind think anything like “that’s fine for Jesus but impossible for me”? Don’t be so sure!



[1]  Vairagya – a deep state of disillusionment or despair that comes over someone after they fail to find happiness or fulfillment in the old ways they had been living and thinking.  Often called “hitting bottom”.

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