by Reverend Darren Starwynn

The words “spiritual awakening” are thrown around in many different contexts. These words have different meanings to different people, but in truth awakening is an experience, not a concept. In this blog I will share a fresh view of conscious awakening and why there are two vital aspects of it.

In order for awakening to have a real meaning you need to look at what you are waking up from. There are massive influences in our human societies that tend to keep us off-balance and disassociated from our true self. I call these the “weapons of mass distraction”. I also like the term “domestication” that Don Miguel Ruiz used to describe the process we went through as children. In a similar way to dogs and farm animals, we were trained from the youngest age to give away much of our inner power and deep love. We did this so we could fit into the fear-based, lower-vibrational structures of our family and society. Ruiz referred to that as the “dream of our society”.

Each of us also carries a heavy load of conditioning from past lifetimes and possibly even other dimensions of existence that is likely to be clouding the clear expression of our divine self. We are trained to label that clouding with names such as depression, pain, money problems or various medical disease names, but at the core it arises from the inner burdens we carry from our past, or pick up empathically from others.

Awakening happens as you lighten your load of this conditioning and gain the trust and illumination to truly be yourself. Yourself is an Avatar – an expression of the Divine in human form.

What is not talked about enough is that at this time there are really two vital aspects of awakening. Each is interconnected with the other. Let’s call the first one “Getting Clear and High” and the second one “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, Dude”.

Getting Clear and High is the inner alchemical transformation of your mind and body. Just as you went through definite programmed changes during puberty, spiritual awakening is a natural part of human maturation. The problem is that few humans ever get spiritually mature. Again, because of the crazy heavy weight of conditioning most people feel too distracted, too traumatized or too stuck to allow it.

You don’t have to let all that stop you. Seek out the company of people who are committed to keeping their vibration high and clear, and are really doing their inner work. Inner work starts when you get sick and tired of projecting your inner pain onto others and getting bogged down in emotional dramas. You become motivated to realize you are responsible for creating your experience through your own thought patterns. This is where true meditation becomes your best friend. Every conscious breath you take frees and clears you a little more.

Awakening is being yourself. You become more aware of the light in each of your cells, and your heart gets freed up to know yourself as love itself. Your negative attitudes shift toward empowerment and positivity. You come to see yourself as a Lightworker with a high purpose that is unfolding. You discover your inner gifts of Higher Sense Perception, and it gets harder for anyone to deceive you through dis-information. You may be called to become a healer who catalyzes miraculous transformations in others.

This leads us to the second form of awakening, that I’m calling “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, Dude” (even if you’re caffeine-free). This has to do with taking off the blinders that keep you from seeing what’s really going on in our world.

Unless you live in a cave and avoid all media you know that our planet is wracked with major, escalating crises and injustices. It seems like I hear about a new crisis that threatens our survival every week. (The latest I’ve heard of is that over a billion acres of farmland has already turned into deserts, and at the rate we’re going there will be almost no ability to grow food on our planet within 60 years). We’re over-run, overwhelmed, and eventually numbed out to the degree of human and animal suffering all around us.

It’s natural to tune out as much as this pain as possible, especially for those of us who live more privileged existences. Who wants to feel distressed and depressed all the time?

An important question to ask is WHY is the human race going through all this crazy stuff? After all, we have innovative technologies that can solve amazing things when the motivation and funding is there to develop them. There are already many millions of people living in higher states of consciousness, and countless people who would gladly volunteer their time to be part of the solution, given the right information and leadership. It is also clear to me that the entire human race and our Earth are rapidly ascending into a higher plane of existence.

I believe that we could solve all the pressing issues on Earth now if our politicians, scientists, spiritual leaders, humanitarians and vast groups of volunteers came together and pooled our ingenuity, efforts and common sense. That would actually be a natural thing to do, and there would be great enthusiasm to join in once the ball gets rolling.

So why can’t we solve our own problems and clean up our own doo-doo?

My awakening, and that of many others has included being willing to see the answer and accept responsibility for being a proactive part of the solution.

The hit movie The Matrix featured the famous scene where Morpheus offers Neo a blue pill and a red pill. If he takes the blue pill he will basically stay asleep, and believe whatever he wants to believe about the world. If he accepts the red pill, his eyes will be opened and he will see the truth, and “just how far down the rabbit hole goes”. Many followers of so-called Alt-Media, which features stories bashing establishment politicians and often espousing right-wing belief systems, claim that they have had “red pill” awakenings to what is true. That is probably true to some extent, but it is not the whole truth. Any position of “us against them” is still part of the dream and will not free us.

What is more useful to being truly awake is to look at what is instigating so many people to become polarized against each other and close their hearts to what they see as “the other”.

There is tremendous light breaking out all over our planet, yet there is also a pervasive dark force infecting people’s minds with fear, greed, polarization, denial and the urge to grab power over others. And here’s the key – the light is Real, and all that dark stuff is only distortions of what is real. That which is Real is infinitely more powerful than the shadows and distortions, even when they SEEM to be so powerful.

So the second form of awakening is being willing to clearly see all the distortions and horrors without denial, and yet keep your personal vibration high. In other words don’t worry – be happy. Be happy because you are a divine being who is awakening your superpowers and the ultimate truth of pure love. Be happy because you have the power to step out of the dream of the Matrix, and help others to do so. Be happy because being an awakening human now is one of the greatest adventures you could possibly be on. Anything you’ve fantasized about after watching Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or your favorite dramas is only a small mirror of what’s really happening now. Accept your responsibility to step up and offer your gifts now at this time in which your gifts are so needed.

The two forms of awakening are interdependent. We live in a holographic reality in which we are awakening to the truth that all people are inter-connected. You can’t enlighten your consciousness while pretending to be in a separate bubble. Your meditation deepens as you share more of your essence with others. Your superpowers are awakened as you put yourself in situations where they are needed, and you are the one there to deliver them.

On the other hand your ability to actually help change the world is greatly amplified as you elevate your consciousness to the higher, Quantum level. Then your words and your actions are way more impactful. Each person who awakens their Avatar nature claims the power to help cancel out the negativity of thousands to millions of other, less awakened people. This truth has been proven out by the famous Avatars of history such as Jesus, Quan Yin, Buddha and Martin Luther King. We are now in a time when any of us can function as an Avatar, even if you are not at all publicly famous.

Your turn.

Reverend Darren Starwynn is a master quantum catalyst healer, inventor and author of four groundbreaking books, including Amazon bestseller Awakening the Avatar Within. He offers bi-weekly Lightworker Awakening and Empowerment conferences on Zoom through

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  1. Thank you, Reverend Darren, for providing such insightful and resonating perspectives on spiritual awakening. Your work is sure to inspire and empower many readers to embark on their own journeys of inner growth and self-discovery. What is particularly empowering about your approach is that it validates both paths as valid and meaningful. Whether you have experienced a traumatic event that has led you to seek out spiritual growth, or you have simply developed a curiosity and openness to the divine, both paths are equally valid and can lead to profound inner transformation. Both are fascinating insights into the different paths one can take toward self-realization and inner growth.

    1. Hello Rye, Thank you for your positive comments about my article. Since then I have posted more blogs on website you may find of interest. Blessings, Darren

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