by Darren Starwynn

A mystery school is a special environment in which students receive knowledge and empowerments relating to the deep secrets of life and universal truth.  The teachings of a mystery school include practical knowledge and skills, and in their purer form have also offered direct energetic transmissions and spiritual initiation.

The word “mystery” is used to describe something set apart from the mainstream consciousness of society.  It describes powerful bodies of knowledge kept safe and protected from those who would misunderstand it, mis-use it or water it down with dogma and intellectualism.  In this rest of this writing these pure teachings will be referred to as sacred knowledge.  Some aspects of this sacred knowledge comes from ancient sources and some is now being received by the human race for the first time.

Mystery schools have existed through recorded human history.  According to esoteric knowledge the human race existed prior to our modern recorded history, and enjoyed times of high spiritual attunement and greater unity.   During those times everyone had natural access to universal consciousness.  Therefore there was no need to keep such knowledge secret or protected.

Almost all ancient accounts and mythologies agree that humanity fell from this exalted condition into the low, divided state we seem to be in now.  As this was happening the sacred knowledge became veiled to the majority of people who could no longer comprehend it.   In response to this situation many advanced Lightworkers and Master teachers sought a way to maintain the power and purity of the sacred knowledge.  They saw the urgent need to continue to train worthy students who would use it for the betterment of humanity and be able to pass it on in its pure form.  This was the motivation to create the original mystery schools.

Many mystery schools have existed as part of well-known institutions such as churches and universities.  The outer services and teachings of the institution were widely available, yet only select initiates were privately invited to be part of the inner sanctum of the mystery school.  Due to the divided nature of the human race there have been and continue to be mystery schools dedicated to both the light and dark sides.  While most mystery schools teach initiates to use the sacred knowledge for to help assist and heal others and contribute to the progression of the human race there are those groups that use esoteric knowledge for personal gain at the expense of others (and worse).  These dark teachings are now rapidly losing ground as higher Light floods our planet and more people awaken to the sovereignty of their own true selves.

The word ascension has been used frequently in recent years by many healers and spiritual teachers.  The simplest meaning of ascension is elevating our consciousness to higher levels, thereby awakening more and more to the truth of who we really are.  The process of Ascension also includes transformation of the physical body.

The Earth and all life on it is now in a time of rapid ascension.  Many people doubt this due to all the difficult situations and crises now taking place.  Yet all of these can be seen as a process of purging old, limited energies that is a vital part of the ascension process.  This is similar to how the human body often needs to push out toxins before it can recover from a chronic illness.  A necessary, but often painful transformative process.

There is now a great need for Lightworkers who can assist others through their process of clearing, transformation and awakening.  This is truly a growth industry!  In this context the word “Lightworker” refers to any physician, holistic practitioner, acupuncturist or healer who has made the choice to serve from their higher capabilities.  This requires special training in ascension methods plus a commitment to continuing personal healing and transformation.  As an ascension school, Bridge to Mastery Consciousness Institute provides training, tools and special retreat environments for these purposes.

If you feel inwardly drawn to be part of Bridge to Mastery Institute or another mystery school it is likely that your soul has participated in this sacred knowledge before and it is now your time to re-member it and progress further.

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