Clone of Join

Welcome. If you have been guided to this site it is likely that your higher guidance is at work, and you are listening to your heart. Congratulations on that!

Lightworker Ministry is a community of caring people going through the process of awakening and embodiment of the consciousness of the true self. This is both a spiritual and physiological process. Lightworker Ministry is a private member organization. All of our extensive, valuable resources and services are offered to registered members, so they are empowered to bring these teachings, attunements and Quantum healings to others.

There are two main levels of Membership - Regular and Guardian of the Light. Descriptions of both are below on this page. My suggestion - let yourself be guided by both your common sense and the inspiration of your heart in making your choice.

Regular Membership

A minimal donation is requested in order to become a member of Lightworker Ministry, both to help support the Church and to also help ensure that only people with sincere interest join.

You can choose your initial donation, which can be as low as $1. If you can afford a higher initial donation that is greatly appreciated, and it will go toward supporting the mission of the Ministry.

Guardian of the Light Membership

The Guardian of the Light membership program is ideal for healthcare professionals, coaches, spiritual teachers and leaders or others who are ready to elevate their level of healing, leadership and service. As with Regular Membership you can choose your own monthly donation, with a minimum donation of $20/month recurring. You can cancel at any time.

Regular Members receive these benefits and resources:

  • Lightworker Upliftment and Empowerment services (bi-weekly): You will receive emailed invitations to these 75 - 90 minute Zoom meetings. They are mini-workshops offering various combinations of group meditation, Ascension practices, awakening teachings, group healings, prayers, planetary healing, music and more.
  • Ascension Practices Library: You can access an extensive library of writings, videos and audios Ascension Practices.
  • Enroll in Lightworker Ministry professional training programs.
  • Your Superpowers: Receive support in identifying and developing your Avatar superpowers through the Super Power Self-Assessment.
  • Free Online Practices Course: You receive access to the Awakening the Avatar Within audio and video online course.
  • Serve with the Community: Engage in volunteer service projects with other Lightworkers.
  • Receive invitations to members-only special events.
  • Rapid Response Earth Healing: Experience the awesome power of the Light in action through this innovative prayer program for places on Earth that require upliftment.

Guardian Members receive all the benefits and resources listed above for Regular members plus these extra services:

  • Access Premium Courses and content: You receive 24-7 access to a series of highly acclaimed online courses in self-clearing trauma, developing intuition and more, plus this membership unlocks premium sections of the Ascension Practices library.
  • List Your Business or Healing Practice: Guardians are invited to create a listing of their professional services for reference by other members and the public. This is an excellent opportunity to network with other members and attract new clients interested in your services.
  • Heal and Transform Program: You receive a “signing bonus” of a series of informative videos that introduce you to the teachings and practices of the Church in a convenient, step-by-step manner.
  • Leadership and Teaching Opportunities: Guardians are often invited to share their teachings, healing and expertise through the bi-weekly member services or other events.
  • Rapid Response Earth Healing: Experience the awesome power of the Light in action through this innovative prayer program for places on Earth that require upliftment.