Programs Offered

Professional Training and Personal Development

One of the greatest “growth industries” in our societies today are services that heal, uplift and guide others. During this time of rapid Ascension of consciousness humanity is going through great upheaval and transformation, and new approaches are vitally needed.

Whether you are a holistic practitioner, physician, energy healer, bodyworker, nurse, therapist, coach, entrepreneur, spiritual leader or business executive you are now challenged to learn to serve others on a higher, more Awake level. This is a process of discovering your own form of ministry and courageously offering it. The training programs offered here will take you into greater embodiment of your true, Avatar self. This is the fountain of your deepest love, superpowers and ultimate healing power.

The part of Lightworker Ministry offering training programs is called Bridge to Mastery Consciousness Institute. Courses are led by Reverend Darren Starwynn and other highly experienced, accomplished instructors. Browse the listings below to discover a program that meets your needs.

Quantum Catalyst Healing Certification Program


This year-long program will raise the level of your results in any healing art you already practice to the miracle Quantum level. It can also be taken by those ready to start their path as an energy healer. You will discover a blend of powerful, proven 5D healing systems with support for accelerated person transformation and awakening. It includes bi-weekly group sessions, high-level video lessons and worksheets, monthly private healing sessions, retreats and certification process. Application required.

Quantum Healing 14-Week Mastercourse

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Bring Out Your Master Healer Abilities, Activate Your Superpowers and Elevate Your Effectiveness.
A 14 week live, online course with Rev. Darren Starwynn, O.M.D. for healthcare practitioners and healers, including intensive 3 day virtual retreat. 21 CEUS offered. 

Microcurrent & Vibrational Medicine Program

Vibrational medicine is the use of therapeutic light, sound or gentle electrical energies for profound healing purposes. These methods offer powerful results for people suffering with chronic pain, inflammation, neurological disorders, rehabilitation, body rejuvenation and much more.

Reverend Darren and co-teacher Shannon Goossen each have over 25 years of experience as international teachers of microcurrent and vibrational therapies. Darren is also a microcurrent device inventor. This is a six month, self-paced program including extensive video lessons, reference materials and monthly live webinars (including Q & A). Can be combined with Quantum Catalyst Healing programs. Start anytime.

Lightworker Retreats

Both live, in-person and online Zoom retreats are offered periodically through Lightworker Ministry. Participants love these events because they experience Quantum leaps in their intuition, healing abilities, personal transformation and awakening. Visit the Events page to view upcoming retreats. Acupuncture CEUs are offered for participation at many of the retreats.

Testimonials from Darren’s past Quantum Healing clients

Shanon M.

Wellness Business Owner

Dr. Eilzabeth S.


"I consulted with Dr. Starwynn because I needed support with managing a challenging patient load and feeling somewhat spiritually stuck.  I received such tremendous benefit from two sessions with him.  I felt much more alive and connected with my core spirituality in such a way I felt not only grounded in my own life, but with much greater ability to impact the lives of my patients."

Ahnna G.

Licensed Acupuncturist

“I personally received such a healing during this course I am forever grateful – something I had been struggling with for so long has been cleared… the Quantum Field of light will be a part of every treatment from this day forward.”

Lauren B.


“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the work we did in our session. I really felt that our session and my continued self work has been changing my belief system about healing and having control of my life."

Ming-Sung A.


“I am very happy to have met Darren.  He led me to another spiritual space and healing energy spectrum huge and limitless.  I just opened a new window in my healing field and I am very excited about newer, broader and deeper (spiritual, physical, emotional energy fields) journey in my future.  Thank you very much!”