August 17, 2022

There is a vast party breaking out all over Mother Earth. It is a party of joy, of celebration. We are celebrating the advent of the New Earth, the awakening and ascension of consciousness accelerating all over the place. There is wild dancing, passionate singing and deep meditation upon the One that is who we really are. Oh, and one vital detail. In order to party with us you need to change your mind.

This party is taking place among the collapsing, corrupted debris of the old order. That old order is based on the distortions of the false god of patriarchy – the masculine element over-controlling the feminine principle from which all the beauty, harmony and the solution to our crises arises. Yes, there is also great beauty in the divine masculine that is shining through more women, non-binaries and “real” men every day. Men who are not afraid to feel, to put themselves on the line for truth, justice and freedom for all.

This party is real and it is happening. In order to change your mind and be part of it you need to face and transform the hell experience within you. Our human family has created loads of hells for thousands of years, and they are now deeply embedded within our subconscious minds. This situation is just like a powerful computer with corrupted programming in its operating system. As a result it keeps creating weird and difficult results.

It’s the easiest thing in the world to project the pain of these hells outward onto others. We do that through judging, blaming, controlling, gaslighting, objectifying, killing, polarizing, rejecting, going numb, hurting, and all the other methods of withholding our love. That’s easy – that’s normal. What’s harder, and more heroic, is to take full responsibility for your own hell. Yes, part of it is self-created and part of it is the collective unconscious pain body you share with others. But regardless of where it comes from, if you feel it it’s yours to clean up and heal.

You clean up your hell and join this amazing party by patiently and persistently loving yourself. Especially loving your most seemingly troubled and broken parts. This is a high form of meditation. You relax, open yourself to whatever love or light you can tune into and then direct that radiance into the parts of your body that feel that most contracted and hurting. These are usually in the region of one or more energy chakras. This is the “Inner Smile” meditation developed by Chinese and Tibetan monks thousands of years ago. I used the words “seemingly troubled or broken” above because none of that is who you really are. You are the light. These experiences are just conditioning that needs to be cleared.

Here’s how to do it: Think of what brings a smile to your face – your partner, your best friend, your parent, your favorite musician or the Earth. Or your dog. (Dog is God backwards, and my daughter believes dogs are god because they bring so much unconditional love to people.)  Once you are feeling the love, put a physical smile on your face and direct it inward. Ask yourself where in your body you tend to feel hurting, drained or contracted. There is always a physical location, even for emotional pain. Smile lovingly into that place, breathing deeply into it. Maybe visualize radiant pink or golden or rainbow light filling it. Maybe put the palm of one hand over it. Or make sounds on your exhales like VVVAAAMMM or AHHHHHH or AH-AY-EE-I-OH-OOH-OM.

Follow your own inner guidance. Be determined to transform that inner hell place with as much love and light as you can muster. Don’t expect it to be easy at first. It’s rarely easy to get admission to the top parties, you know. You need to have connections. You are creating your own connections by doing this practice. You are in charge.

Once you’ve soothed any contracted areas with the radiance of your higher light, you can move into positive manifestation. Ask yourself what you would most love to create and experience in your life. No need to tie this to what you believe to be realistic! Use your imagination to see yourself experiencing and having that now. Most importantly, allow yourself to feel the emotions and bodily-felt sensations of living and having that vision now. Breathe deeply, speak affirmations and decrees of your new, expanded reality.

Do this as much and often as you can. Don’t give up or get discouraged. It’s natural to feel that way as you start facing your hell after running from it for years. You need to step up to being a Hero who doesn’t back down from your Hero’s Journey.

As I wrote in another post today, I believe our media are important, and you can extract lots of valuable information from them. You do that by practicing discernment as you read or listen to newspapers, blogs, TV or social media. But be very careful. These media are also full of hooks and manipulation. They hook you through partial truths or un-truths that feed into the part of the mind that has been called the “slave self.” It’s accurately called that because it can be influenced to keep us controlled and down. Our media will not tell you about this party of ascension of consciousness breaking out all over our planet. They rarely publish much of the good news. Then you might get too happy and free and badass to keep agreeing to being manipulated and controlled and buying their products.

This is a party because we’re doing it together. The day of the solitary spiritual practitioner is waning because we juice each other when we gather together within the Quantum Field of pure love and consciousness.

The statement attributed to Jesus “When two or more are gathered in my name, there I AM among them” has usually been misunderstood. Jesus wasn’t talking about himself as a human being or a human name. If you properly understand this amazing statement it means something like this: “When two or more people attune themselves to the limitless Quantum Field they amplify each other’s access to unlimited love, creativity, consciousness and bliss.” That’s the party I’m writing about!

This party is growing and you are invited. The invitation is not like other parties you are used to, because it requires doing your inner work. As you do your inner work you become an agent of transformation for others. It’s infectious in a good way.

Wanna party?

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