Hey, you are reading this post.  Congratulations, that shows that Awakening is high on your priority list.

Simple is good.   Let’s cut through all the esoteric, metaphysical, religious, New Age and personal growth stuff we have been inundated with and cut to the chase.   I believe true and real can also be fun.   So put on your dancing shoes and read on.


I have been a doctor and healer for several decades, and have helped thousands of people in their healing process.  After all this I now see that there is a new pattern of what people really want and are ready for.  This is a two-step process that I’m humorously calling the Transformation Two Step.

The first step is to heal the burden of trauma and pain you have been carrying.

The second step is to follow your heart and soul and move forward with the higher purpose you are here to do and make a difference.

This is the most fulfilling thing there is.

There is no shame in acknowledging all the pain and trauma you have been through.   We have all been there, one way or the other.  Anybody who is even remotely honest will admit that.   Our planet has been a pressure cooker of growth and transformation.  Growth and transformation are wonderful blessings, but at times can feel like hell while you are going through them!

Folks, if you wanted to live on the Club Med of the universe, you are on the wrong planet.

But this planet is awesome if you want to awaken your soul and do something meaningful that will make a difference.  And if you want to feel the thrill of permanently transforming your fear and stress into creativity and joy.

It is darn hard, however to manifest your inspired, abundant life when your body is clogged by old programs of trauma and stress.   That can make us tend to drain most of our energy spinning our wheels just trying to cope and get by.   People bogged down by old trauma are often caught up in all kinds of addictive and self-medicating behaviors that just get them deeper into feeling overwhelmed and lost.

So all the self-improvement books, motivational seminars and spiritual practices won’t take you far until the trauma and stress programs are cleared.

Healing can be a tricky deal.  By even trying to “heal” some painful part of your psyche you are usually rejecting that part and wanting to get rid of it.  These “parts” within us have a dogged way of getting even more dug in when they feel rejected and resisted.  So this creates a frustrating Catch-22 where you can’t win.  Know what I mean?

It’s a lot like the Hydra monster with multiple snarling heads that Hercules tried to kill as part of his seven labors.  Each time he cut one of its heads with his sword off two more heads grew back in its place.  That is good imagery for the non-productive way to approach healing.

What works much better is to stop trying to get rid of anything.  Instead, re-connect to the higher frequency Fifth Dimensional part of you that has never been traumatized or wounded.  This is your calm center – the eye of the hurricane that has always been within you.  As you connect more and more what felt like anxieties and problems start fading into the background and you experience an awakening to who you really are.  There is nothing more joyful and rewarding than that.

It is this awakening that really frees up your energy and creative juices.  You may find yourself making new plans, taking new trainings, starting new businesses, taking time off or offering volunteer services that express your soul nature much more.  Your relationships are likely to change.  Relationships with people who are negative or toxic will naturally fall away.  You will be magnetized to people who on their own path of awakening, and may be able to partner with you in various fun and loving ways.

So just focusing on healing yourself could take you in circles.  Trying to achieve success from your old state of mind could be frustrating and unproductive.  The two step process I have described here will rock your world a whole lot better.


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