by Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.

There are many forms of external light therapies used for pain relief, facial rejuvenation, treatment of depression and cancer treatment.  The light source that can uplift your treatment results the most comes from your own body.

You have a body of light that exists within and around your physical body, and you can activate it into expanded presence and light.  To me, that’s one of the most exciting things there is!  The fact that you were not taught about this in kindergarten (or your high school physics class) is no reason to disregard it.  This is one of those subjects that crosses over between science and spirituality, and I will touch on both here.

So why activate your light body?  Here are a few good reasons:

·         Your health will likely improve

·         It is easier to feel expansive love within your heart more of the time

·         You’ll be in a lighter, better mood more of the time (and annoy people around you less)

·         If you are a healer or practitioner your clients will respond better to what you do.  In fact you will increasingly tap into the innate master healer part of you if you stay with this process

·         You will enjoy greater protection from negative or intrusive energies

·         You will tend to move out of the struggles of duality and polarization and have more experiences of the one-ness of all life

If all those things sound boring to you, you may as well delete this article now.  If you “see the light”, read on!

Practices have been known since ancient times to promote light body activation.  Most of these were closely guarded and only taught to select people in mystery schools or close disciples of high-level masters.  That situation has now changed.  Light body activation is out of the closet.  With sincere interest and investment of practice time it is possible for anyone to learn how to cultivate this experience.

According to many physicists, including Albert Einstein, matter and energy are simply different states of the same thing.  Some types of interactions, such as the nuclear fission used in atom bombs, release large amounts of energy from matter in the form of light.

Einstein’s famous equation E = mc2 states that energy is equivalent to matter when it is speeded up to the speed of light squared.

Researcher Fritz Albert Popp from Germany created a new field of science describing what he called biophoton activity.  This is based on actual measurements of the light emissions of plants, people and animals.  He proved that DNA emits light, and is a vital origin of biophoton activity.  He also showed that living things communicate with each other through biophoton emissions, even over long distances.

As stated, light body activation is one of the places where science and spirituality meet.  Many spiritual teachers have demonstrated how they can transform their bodies in such a way as to release greater amounts of light.  The halos shown around the heads of saints in paintings represent a real phenomena generated by internal changes in their bodies as they attuned to higher frequencies of consciousness.  During his lifetime Jesus demonstrated a transfiguration of his body.  It is said in the Bible that:

After six days Jesus took with him Peter, James and John the brother of James, and led them up a high mountain by themselves.  There he was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light.  Matthew 17:1 – 13

It could be easy for non-religious people to dismiss this as superstition, but I believe that it could be backed up by science as quoted above. Matter can transform to light under the right conditions, and a shift in consciousness seems to be one of them.

An ancient term used for the activated light body is merkaba.  Mer means “counter-rotating field”, Ka means “light” and Ba means body in Hebrew, Zulu and ancient Eqyptian languages.  So merkaba means “counter-rotating light body”.   All things in the universe are created according to repeating geometric patterns, and the merkaba does as well.

When working with your clients you can learn to generate a merkaba of light in the treatment room that supports the highest healing results.  This is the essence of quantum field healing.

The most important starting point in learning to activate your light body is cultivation of universal love in your heart.  This is the safety mechanism built into this process.  From this point you can work with specific visualization, breathwork and meditation methods to increase the quotient of light in your field.  As you do this you will start enjoying the benefits listed above.  Even better, your presence in any situation brings added light.  This means that you bring blessings just by showing up somewhere, for real.  How do you like that?

You can find a lot of information about light body activation online and on Youtube.  These are of mixed value and clarity.  Take everything you read or watch with the proverbial grain of salt.  Only accept those that clearly resonate as truth within your own consciousness.

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