by Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.

Pain relief is a lot more than it seems.  Just like the beginning of the Alice in Wonderland story, the rabbit hole of pain goes a lot deeper than we often think.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) about 50 million Americans suffer with significant chronic pain.[i]

The purpose of this post is to share an overview of a new treatment method integrating microcurrent techniques with facilitation of rapid psychic shifts in consciousness.  This method is creating breakthrough results for hard-to-treat chronic pain patients who have not responded well to many other treatments and modalities.

Implementing this system can expand what you believe is therapeutically possible, even if you have already had good results using microcurrent.  I will start with some principles of understanding and then share how this method works.  At the end you will get information on how to learn and implement this system.

The term vibrational therapies refers to the use of microcurrent, color light or sound therapies for healing purposes.  Vibrational medicine seems to be right up there at the top of methods for successfully treating chronic pain patients.  When appropriate parameters of frequency, color, waveshape and polarity are applied to the body blockages to healing are removed and people progress rapidly.  Results can be amplified by combining vibrational therapies with movement, stretching, bodywork or acupuncture.

If you are an acupuncturist, chiropractor, naturopath, bodyworker, nurse or medical physician you have been trained in many pain relieving techniques and modalities.  Fortunately for the majority of your patients these methods do work a lot of the time.  When they don’t tend to work, and the person has been hurting for over 12 weeks, it’s called chronic pain.

Sometimes people suffer with chronic pain simply because they have not received any appropriate treatment, and their body is not healing well on its own.  The people I’m writing about in this post are those who have already received some combination of skilled bodywork, chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy, pain relieving drugs, psycho-therapy or spiritual healing and yet they are still suffering.

The truth is that each of the pain relieving methods listed above does have significant value in treating chronic pain.  The problem is that each method effectively treats only part of the pain picture.  You see, chronic pain is multi-dimensional.  It reaches across our physical, neurologic, mental, emotional and spiritual landscape.  The dilemma of chronic pain reminds me of the old Indian story of the four blind men and an elephant:

Once when a group of blind men encountered an elephant each felt a different part of the animal with his hands.  Afterwards they debated with each other about what an elephant really is.  One who felt the side of the elephant said “an elephant is like a big wall”.  Another who felt the tail said “no, it is like a thick rope”.  The third who felt the tusks argued “you’re both wrong, the elephant is like a sharp, curved spear.  The last one who felt an ear said “no, no, I know the truth, the elephant is like a huge banana leaf”.

Of course they were all right.  But none of them were seeing what an elephant really is, they were only experiencing one part of it.

Just like the blind men I did experience many successes working with various physical, energetic, psychologic and metaphysical pain relieving methods.  Trouble was, my results were painfully inconsistent.  Just like quantum physicists seeking a grand unification theory I knew I needed a coherent system for treating chronic pain that put all these useful pieces together.  But that was elusive to find.

The pieces of the puzzle started coming together when I discovered that doing a sequence of brief microcurrent techniques improved the consistency and power of my treatments.  After a great deal of experimentation it became clear to me that it was also essential to combine two vital aspects of treatment into each clinical session.  These aspects are called Root and Branch in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Root treatments are those that balance the energy and emotional charge of each internal organ and chakra[ii], and help to release deeply-held trauma.  Branch treatments are those that focus on relieving the patient’s pain symptoms.

I taught this sequence method over a 10 year period through my seminar company.  When doing live demonstrations of this system at my live seminars I was usually able to demonstrate what was described as miraculous results.  I invited my students to bring their patients with the most challenging and frustrating pain issues to my seminars, and I treated them in front of the room, with no advance preparation.  You can see videos of the breakthrough results most of these people experienced on my YouTube channel.[iii]

I’ll tell you a little secret now that I have never shared publically before.  Those impressive results I had treating suffering people at my seminars were often better than the results I had when similar patients came to my own private practice!  This was a humbling and sometimes frustrating situation.  It showed me that there were still some big missing pieces in my chronic pain treatment system.

I now understand much better what those missing pieces were.  They had a lot to do with my own belief systems and ability to facilitate rapid energetic shifts.

Everything in our reality is an expression of consciousness.  At its deepest root chronic pain is rooted in some form of trauma.  Trauma is rooted in a core sense of separation from our true self.  While these statements may seem to indicate that the key to effective pain relief is some kind of deep spiritual reconnection, it is equally true that true healing has to happen through adjustments to our physical bodies.  This may seem like a puzzling paradox to the logical mind.  Here is the bigger picture – it is by integrating physically-based and consciousness-based methods that the most gratifying results occur.  The updated system I use is now is called the Microcurrent Deep Release System.  This method integrates the most effective microcurrent techniques with facilitation of rapid shifts in consciousness.

In April 2017 I was invited to Dallas to participate in a chronic pain study.  A group of people with intractable chronic pain were invited to come and receive treatments with various energy medical modalities.  Most of these people flew to Dallas on their own nickel because they were so motivated to find a solution to their intense pain after so many treatments had failed to help them.  I treated about 12 people over a two day period using only my Acutron system.  10 of the 12 people I treated enthusiastically described very positive responses after one or two 20 minute treatment sessions.  Two others who only received one treatment from me had equivocal results, yet I believe they could have responded better with more sessions.

The Microcurrent Deep Release system I used to treat this group included a combination of Root and Branch techniques using microcurrent and light.  The Root techniques included chakra balancing, Organ balancing, toning and a paraspinal technique called Spinal Autonomic Balancing.  The Branch techniques included non-needle acupuncture point treatments, auricular stimulation, kinetic “microcurrents with motion” and microcurrent frequency-sequence[iv] applications.  These are all vibrational techniques.  Each patient received a blend of these techniques uniquely selected for them.

In addition to those energetic techniques, a major factor in these remarkable results was the field of healing energy that the sessions took place within.  In this loving, nurturing energy field people started feeling safe.  They instinctively sensed the possibility of releasing the deep underpinnings of their pain.  As they witnessed their bodies responding to the microcurrent and light through reduced pain and increased range of motion they opened up and trusted the process more and more.  This supported them in making a psychic shift, so that they participated in their own healing.  

These treatments and many others were done one to one, so the magic of treating in front of a group was not a factor!

There appears to be a powerful reciprocal relationship between applying vibrational therapies, which rapidly relieve pain and make people more comfortable, and facilitating shifts in consciousness, which produces the true healing miracles.  We can say that vibrational therapies open the door, and consciousness is what walks in and comes home.

If learning how to do or facilitate all that sounds complex or intimidating, be reassured that I did not know in advance how to create results for any of these people.  It was through a logical, step-by-step process that I learned what worked and did not work for each one.   This system is not mystical, and can be taught to any holistic health professional with an interest in healing with energy, and a dedication to helping their fellows free themselves from suffering.  This includes learning how to facilitate fields of high-frequency healing energy in your clinical treatments.

After 25 years of teaching microcurrent technique workshops I had cut way back on offering seminars two years ago, so I could focus on my private healing and mentoring practice.  The experience in Dallas showed me that this chronic pain treatment system was too good to keep to myself.  I am now teaching the Deep Release system and the other most effective healing systems I learned over my career through the Bridge to Mastery Consciousness Institute.

You can learn more about the Institute here.




[ii] Chakra means “wheel” in Sanskrit, and refers to spinning energy vortices in the body that regulate, balance and empower our organs, emotions, hormones, neurology and aspects of spirituality.  There are 7 major chakras in the body.  Chakras are very sensitive to energy, and respond quickly to therapies using color light, sound, microcurrent and focused intent.

[iii] See YouTube channel “Microlight Videos”

[iv]  This system is often called Frequency Specific Microcurrent, or FSM

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