August 3, 2022

Welcome to the first edition of Higher Love! This newsletter offers an easy way to get acquainted with the services and consciousness-awakening resources of Lightworker Ministry. By taking advantage of these you become part of this conscious community.

Lightworker Ministry is all about awakening and empowering Lightworkers, and bringing us together. Why? Well, besides how GOOD it feels to bask in the pure love and Presence of the Quantum Field, there is unlimited love and power generated when we come together. Yes – more than enough power to help radically transform the human race for the better. You know what our biggest obstacle is? It’s simply our doubts and negative beliefs. How about putting those old beliefs aside?

I’m talking about any beliefs you may have that you’re not “spiritual” enough, too busy, too young, too old, too broke, too jaded, too wounded or any other “too” you may have been investing your precious consciousness into. I’ll tell it to you straight – those are pretender voices and not at all real.

Take a moment to breath the fresh, free air of what is Real. I personally make that shift many times each day, and it keeps putting me back on track from whatever “trance” I’ve gotten caught up in. Pure consciousness is always right here, inside of you. You have the power to choose where you put your attention and identification. There is great power in that choice, and it happens one breath at a time.

The great news is that our power of choice to be the light and lighten up is amplified when we come together in the awareness of the Quantum Field. Our first two Lightworker Awakening & Empowerment services were beautiful, inspiring events. I hope you will join us for the next events coming up on August 4 and 18thClick here to view upcoming events and preregister.

Do You Hear the Call to Awaken?

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