Descriptions of recent webinars are below. Click the link at the end to open the video recording.

  1. Three Quantum Activations – An overview of the challenges faced by healers, as well as the great opportunity to awaken your higher healing abilities. The webinar includes profound Quantum Activations that sparked rapid healings of pain, illness or emotional disturbances reported by attendees. You can receive these activations by watching this recording and following the instructions given. Open it here.
  2. The Gateway of Awakening – This experiential event addresses the gateway of awakening that is available to all who really want it, and guidance on how to further your ascension process. This recording includes Rev. Darren’s definitions of key terminology such as quantum field, the Matrix, 5th dimension, Avatar, spiritual transmission, samskara, Christing and more. There are also exquisite guided meditations and activations included you can experience through the recording. Open it here.
  3. Vibrational Medicine – Rev. Darren has a long history as an energy medical device innovator and instructor, and he provides a valuable overview of the science and practice of vibrational energy medicine in this video, including the use of microcurrent electro-acupuncture, color light therapy, frequency-specific microcurrent and many clinical stories. Open it here.

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