Giving back is one of the highest forms of fulfilling your purpose. Serving from your heart and higher abilities also brings the deepest form of personal healing. Lightworker Ministry is all about service that comes from comes through you from your Divine self. What could be more real and de-Light-full than that?

Here’s something Lightworker Ministry is NOT: a top-down hierarchy. My priority as lead minister is not to make you a follower, it is to help you discover and claim your own ministry. In this context ministry does not mean being a religious person. It means discovering your own inner gifts (superpowers) and sharing them with others to help uplift our planet.

Check out the Donation and Volunteer page, and fill out the Volunteer form on that page if the spirit moves you. There is also a list of service and leadership opportunities on that webpage. Your suggestions as a Co-Creator are welcomed and encouraged!

Do You Hear the Call to Awaken?

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